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Holme, Christian T; Gkinis, Vasileios; Lanzky, Mika; Morris, Valerie; Olesen, Martin; Thayer, Abigail; Vaughn, Bruce H; Vinther, Bo M (2019): Annualized forward-diffused isotopic values of icecore RECAP 2015. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Holme, CT et al. (2019): Varying regional δ18O–temperature relationship in high-resolution stable water isotopes from east Greenland. Climate of the Past, 15(3), 893-912,

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climate; diffusion; Greenland; paleoclimatology; Temperature; water isotopes
Latitude: 71.303667 * Longitude: -26.713111
Minimum Elevation: 2340.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 2340.0 m
RECAP * Latitude: 71.303667 * Longitude: -26.713111 * Elevation: 2340.0 m * Recovery: 584 m * Location: Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland * Method/Device: Ice drill (ICEDRILL) * Comment: drilled May to June 2015
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1AgeAgea ADHolme, Christian T
2AGEAgeka BPHolme, Christian TGeocode
3δ18O, waterδ18O H2O‰ SMOWHolme, Christian Tsummer, vs. V-SMOW, normalized to SLAP/SMOW
4δ18O, waterδ18O H2O‰ SMOWHolme, Christian Twinter, vs. V-SMOW, normalized to SLAP/SMOW
5δ18O, waterδ18O H2O‰ SMOWHolme, Christian Tannual, vs. V-SMOW, normalized to SLAP/SMOW
823 data points

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