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Carini, Alessia; Koudelka, Tomas; Tholey, Andreas; Appel, Esther; Gorb, Stanislav N; Melzner, Frank; Ramesh, Kirti (2019): Blue mussel larval shell area, shell length, larval culture details for shell proteomics and total larval shell protein content. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Carini, A et al. (2019): Proteomic investigation of the blue mussel larval shell organic matrix. Journal of Structural Biology, 208(3), 107385,

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These datasets comprise laboratory measurements of salinity, pH, temperature and larval mortality in seawater during blue mussel larval culture for shell proteomics. In addition, shell area and shell length as measured using ImageJ for photos taken with an FEI Phenom-World desktop SEM and a Leica M165 FC stereomicroscope, respectively, are reported. The shell area measurements were used to assess the quality of the shell cleaning method prior to shell proteomics. The shell length data were used to assess phenotypic similarities between mussel families prior to larval shell proteomics.
BCA assay; Blue mussel larvae; larval culture; shell area; shell length
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