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Ito, Maysa; Scotti, Marco; Franz, Markus; Barboza, Francisco R; Buchholz, Björn; Zimmer, Martin; Guy-Haim, Tamar; Wahl, Martin (2019): Physiological responses of Fucus vesiculosus and Idotea balthica under a temperature gradient. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Ito, M et al. (2019): Effects of temperature on carbon circulation in macroalgal food webs are mediated by herbivores. Marine Biology, 166(12),

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The dataset includes net and gross primary production, respiration and epiphyte load on the brown algae Fucus vesiculosus under a temperature gradient (5-25 ºC). Under the same temperature gradient, we present physiological responses of Idotea balthica, i.e. respiration, feces production, growth and carbon consumption.
Isopoda; brown algae; consumption; epiphytes; growth; primary production; Respiration
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