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Grigioni, Paolo; Antonelli, Adriano; Camporeale, Giuseppe; Ciardini, Virginia; De Silvestri, Lorenzo; Dolci, Stefano; Iaccarino, Antonio; Proposito, Marco; Scarchilli, Claudio (2019): YOPP-SH Radiosonde measurements from MZS Station, Antarctica, 2018-12. Laboratory for Observations and Analyses of Earth and Climate, PANGAEA,, In: Grigioni, P et al. (2019): Radiosonde and AWS data from Italian Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory during Southern Hemisphere YOPP Special Observing Period (16-Nov-2018 15-Feb-2019). PANGAEA,

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Median Latitude: -74.586041 * Median Longitude: 164.357572 * South-bound Latitude: -75.470000 * West-bound Longitude: 162.740000 * North-bound Latitude: -73.830000 * East-bound Longitude: 168.600000
Date/Time Start: 2018-11-30T23:06:44 * Date/Time End: 2018-12-31T12:25:44
Minimum Elevation: 82.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 82.0 m
MZS_Ant (Mario Zucchelli Station) * Latitude: -74.690000 * Longitude: 164.090000 * Elevation: 82.0 m * Location: Antarctica * Method/Device: Multisonde (MS) * Comment: CAMPAIGN: XXXIV Italian Antarctic Expedition YOPP-Southern Hemisphere
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DATE/TIMEDate/TimeGrigioni, PaoloGeocode
2LATITUDELatitudeGrigioni, PaoloGPS receiver mounted on radiosonde RS41Geocode
3LONGITUDELongitudeGrigioni, PaoloGPS receiver mounted on radiosonde RS41Geocode
4Height, geometrich geommGrigioni, PaoloGPS receiver mounted on radiosonde RS41
5Elapsed timeETIMsGrigioni, Paolo
6Pressure, at given altitudePPPPhPaGrigioni, PaoloRadiosonde, Vaisala, RS41
7Temperature, airTTT°CGrigioni, PaoloRadiosonde, Vaisala, RS41
8Humidity, relativeRH%Grigioni, PaoloRadiosonde, Vaisala, RS41
9Wind directiondddegGrigioni, PaoloCalculated from GPS
10Wind speedffm/sGrigioni, PaoloCalculated from GPS
3155446 data points

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