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Winstrup, Mai; Lee, James E (2019): The Roosevelt Island Ice Core Chronology 2017 (RICE17). PANGAEA,

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A timescale for the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) ice core, Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica, covering the last 83,000 years.
Top part (0-343.67m) of the ice chronology is based on annual layer counting. Below 343.67m, the ice chronology is based on gas matching to WAIS Divide on the WD2014 chronology and modelling of delta-age.
The gas timescale (entire core) is based on gas matching to target records derived from WAIS Divide on the WD2014 chronology and NGRIP on the GICC05 chronology, modified for continuity with WD2014. The chronology (0-746m) is interpolated between matchpoints assuming piecewise constant accumulation and linearly decreasing annual layer thicknesses. For the top 343.67m, depths of the gas-age matchpoints have been interpolated to the nearest annual layer.
Continuity of the RICE ice core ends at 746.00 m, and delta-age was not calculated for the deeper part. In this section, the interpolated gas timescale is calculated using linear interpolation between matchpoints, and ice ages are calculated using a constant delta-age of 200 years.
For questions on the use or construction of this chronology, please contact:
Mai Winstrup : Annual-layer-counted ice chronology (0-343.67m)
James E. Lee : Gas chronology (all core), and gas-matched ice chronology (343.67-753.75m)
ice cores; rice; Roosevelt Island; timescale
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Lee, James E; Brook, Edward J; Bertler, Nancy A; Buizert, Christo; Baisden, W Troy; Blunier, Thomas; Ciobanu, Gabriela; Conway, Howard; Dahl-Jensen, Dorthe; Fudge, Tyler J; Hindmarsh, Richard C A; Keller, Elizabeth D; Parrenin, Frédéric; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P; Vallelonga, Paul T; Waddington, Edwin D; Winstrup, Mai (in review): An 83 000 year old ice core from Roosevelt Island, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Climate of the Past Discussions, 1-44,
Winstrup, Mai; Vallelonga, Paul T; Kjær, Helle Astrid; Fudge, Tyler J; Lee, James E; Riis, Marie H; Edwards, Ross L; Bertler, Nancy A; Blunier, Thomas; Brook, Edward J; Buizert, Christo; Ciobanu, Gabriela; Conway, Howard; Dahl-Jensen, Dorthe; Ellis, Aja A; Emanuelsson, B Daniel; Hindmarsh, Richard C A; Keller, Elizabeth D; Kurbatov, Andrei; Mayewski, Paul Andrew; Neff, Peter D; Pyne, Rebecca L; Simonsen, Marius; Svensson, Anders M; Tuohy, Andrea; Waddington, Edwin D; Wheatley, Sarah (2019): A 2700-year annual timescale and accumulation history for an ice core from Roosevelt Island, West Antarctica. Climate of the Past, 15(2), 751-779,
Latitude: -79.364000 * Longitude: -161.706000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.530 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 753.750 m
RICE * Latitude: -79.364000 * Longitude: -161.706000 * Elevation: 550.0 m * Recovery: 764 m * Location: Roosevelt Island, Antarctica * Method/Device: Ice drill (ICEDRILL)
empty cells = NaN
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmWinstrup, MaiGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPWinstrup, MaiGeocode
3Age, standard deviationAge std dev±Winstrup, Maisigma
4Gas ageGas ageka BPLee, James E
5Gas age, standard deviationGas age std dev±Lee, James Esigma
7649 data points

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