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Gehrmann, Romina A S; North, Laurence J; Lehrmann, Berit; Murton, Bramley J (2019): Rock physic samples from TAG, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and various onshore samples. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Gehrmann, Romina A S; North, Laurence J; Graber, S; Szitkar, Florent; Petersen, S; Minshull, Tim A; Murton, Bramley J (2019): Marine Mineral Exploration With Controlled Source Electromagnetics at the TAG Hydrothermal Field, 26°N Mid‐Atlantic Ridge. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(11), 5808-5816,

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The list attached contains physical properties (density, porosity, magnetic susceptibility, p-wave velocity and electrical resistivity) of seafloor massive sulphide, jasper and basalt samples. The seafloor samples have been obtained during cruise JC138, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 26N (cruise report ) in July 2016 and from onshore analogues. The data has been measured at the National Oceanography Centre under the lead of Dr Laurence North.
basalt; Massive Sulphides; physical properties; Rock samples
Median Latitude: 35.090665 * Median Longitude: -19.263519 * South-bound Latitude: 26.136577 * West-bound Longitude: -106.170000 * North-bound Latitude: 67.130000 * East-bound Longitude: 33.350000
Date/Time Start: 2008-05-25T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2017-06-07T00:00:00
Chihuahua_state * Latitude: 28.640000 * Longitude: -106.170000 * Date/Time: 2017-03-21T00:00:00 * Location: Mexico * Method/Device: Rock sample (ROCK)
Chromite_Mine * Latitude: 34.930000 * Longitude: 32.870000 * Date/Time: 2017-06-07T00:00:00 * Location: Cyprus * Method/Device: Rock sample (ROCK)
Folldal_Mine * Latitude: 62.140000 * Longitude: 9.990000 * Date/Time: 2017-03-21T00:00:00 * Location: Norway * Method/Device: Rock sample (ROCK)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventGehrmann, Romina A S
2Date/Time of eventDate/TimeGehrmann, Romina A S
3Latitude of eventLatitudeGehrmann, Romina A S
4Longitude of eventLongitudeGehrmann, Romina A S
5Sample IDSample IDGehrmann, Romina A S
6DiameterØmmGehrmann, Romina A S
7LengthlmmGehrmann, Romina A S
8MassMassgGehrmann, Romina A S
9Density, mass densityDensitykg/m3Gehrmann, Romina A S
10PorosityPoros% volGehrmann, Romina A S
11Magnetic susceptibilityMAGS10-6 SIGehrmann, Romina A S
12Velocity, compressional waveVpm/sGehrmann, Romina A S
13Resistivity, electricalResist electrOhm mGehrmann, Romina A S
14LogarithmlogGehrmann, Romina A Sof Resistivity
15DescriptionDescriptionGehrmann, Romina A S
16Description 2 (continued)Description 2Gehrmann, Romina A S
202 data points

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