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McKinna, Lachlan I W; Werdell, P Jeremy (2019): Synthesised hyperspectral dataset for bio-optical algorithm development. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Werdell, P Jeremy; McKinna, Lachlan I W (2019): Sensitivity of Inherent Optical Properties From Ocean Reflectance Inversion Models to Satellite Instrument Wavelength Suites. Frontiers in Earth Science, Frontiers in Earth Science, 7,

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A synthesised dataset comprising inherent optical properties (IOPs) and apparent optical properties (AOPs) is presented. The dataset has a hyperspectral resolution of 1 nm spanning 350 - 800 nm. The IOPs were first synthesised using bio-optical relationships. The IOPs were then input to Hydrolight-Ecolight 5.1 radiative transfer code to simulate apparent optical properties (AOPs).
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