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Mistry, Malcolm Noshir (2019): A High-Resolution (0.25 degree) Historical Global Gridded Dataset of Climate Extreme Indices (1970-2016) using GLDAS data. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Mistry, MN (2019): A high resolution global gridded historical dataset of climate extreme indices. Data, 4(1),

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71 core and non-core climate extreme indices based on the Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI), and the Expert Team on Sector-specific Climate Indices (ET-SCI). The indices are computed using R ClimPACT2 package. The dataset does not include two indices (Heating and Cooling Degree Days) as these are computed separately for various baseline temperature (thresholds) -See 'A High-Resolution (0.25 degree) Daily Global Gridded Historical dataset of indices relevant for health and energy sector'-. All indices are computed using daily near-surface maximum and minimum temperature (deg C), and near-surface precipitation (mm/day) variables from Global Land Data Acquisation System (GLDAS) ver. 2 (@ 0.25 degree)
Climate extreme indices; climpact; ETCCDI; ET-SCI
Data are in netCDF-4 format, at a spatial resolution of 0.25 degree by 0.25 degree (latitude by longitude)on a regular lon-lat grid. Some indices have data both at monthly and annual time-steps (as identified by the netCDF file name). Missing values are identified by values '1.e+20f'. Further details of the variables in the individual netCDF files can be checked using either NCO or CDO command line utilites as follows: "ncdump -h netcdf_file_name", "cdo sinfo netcdf_file_name".
The developement of this dataset has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 756194 (ENERGYA).
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356 data points

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