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Gradov, Oleg V; Gradova, Margaret A (2019): Microwave-induced self-organization in mineral systems. II. Prussian blue (conentrated sol; 2.45 GHz; 450 W; 2 min). Erosion and reticulation. PANGAEA,

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In this dataset cycle we consider a multifactor nature of the self-organization procees of soft matter dissipative microstructures from the iron-containing colloidal precursors with different particle size under microwave irradiation. The resulting structures' morphology determined by the dehydration-aggregation procees under the microwave field, as well as their phase state, chemical composition and the degree of crystallinity, are shown to be dependent on the irradiation time, the microwave field power and the particle size of the chemical "precursor".
Microwave-assisted mineral synthesis; Microwave-induced self-organization; Self-organization in mineral systems
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Gradov, Oleg V; Gradova, Margaret A (2015): Multifactor response of the dispersed soft matter precursors under microwave-induced self-organization. Conference: PhysicA.SPb/2015 (October 2015 ). Section: Devices and materials of the THz and microwave ranges. At: Saint Petersburg, Ioffe,
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