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Widhalm, Barbara; Bartsch, Annett; Roth, Achim; Leibman, Marina O (2019): Landsurface feature classification of tundra regions with polarimetric TerraSAR-X data, links to GeoTIFF files. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Widhalm, B et al. (2018): Classification of Tundra Regions with Polarimetric Terrasar-X Data. IGARSS 2018 - 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium,22-27 July 2018, Valencia, Spain, 8551-8554,

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Permafrost is an essential element of the cryosphere, which will be strongly affected by global warming. Although permafrost cannot be measured directly with remote sensing, many permafrost features are observable. Polarimetric information can be used in this context. Polarimetric data of TerraSAR-X is the basis for a local landcover classification presented here, which reflects different scattering mechanisms. The resulting classification aims on the identification of process areas and periglacial features such as thaw slumps (bare wet surfaces) and thaw lakes as well as wetland areas.
The following regions are covered in the dataset: Barrow (Alaska), Mackenzie Delta (Canada), Kytalyk (Russia), Lena Delta (Russia), Vaskiny Dachi (Russia), Herschel Island (Canada).
Median Latitude: 70.578333 * Median Longitude: 165.433333 * South-bound Latitude: 68.960000 * West-bound Longitude: 68.900000 * North-bound Latitude: 72.840000 * East-bound Longitude: -134.040000
C01_Barrow * Latitude: 70.990000 * Longitude: -156.600000 * Method/Device: Monitoring (MON)
C04_Mackenzie_Delta * Latitude: 68.960000 * Longitude: -134.040000 * Method/Device: Monitoring (MON)
C06_Kytalyk * Latitude: 70.860000 * Longitude: 147.350000 * Method/Device: Monitoring (MON)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventWidhalm, Barbara
2File contentContentWidhalm, Barbara
3File nameFile nameWidhalm, Barbara
4File formatFile formatWidhalm, Barbara
5File sizeFile sizekByteWidhalm, Barbara
6Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileWidhalm, Barbara
30 data points

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