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Cheng, Zhongjing; Weng, Chengyu; Steinke, Stephan; Mohtadi, Mahyar (2019): Pollen and spores of composite sediment core GeoB16602. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Cheng, Z et al. (2018): Anthropogenic modification of vegetated landscapes in southern China from 6,000 years ago. Nature Geoscience, 11, 939-943,

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Latitude: 18.951000 * Longitude: 113.709000
GeoB16602 * Latitude: 18.951000 * Longitude: 113.709000 * Method/Device: Composite Core (COMPCORE)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1AGEAgeka BPCheng, ZhongjingGeocode
2PinusPinus%Cheng, Zhongjing
3TsugaTsuga%Cheng, Zhongjing
4Abies/PiceaAbies/Picea%Cheng, Zhongjing
5PhyllocladaceaePhyllocladaceae%Cheng, Zhongjing
6DacrydiumDacrydium%Cheng, Zhongjing
7PodocarpusPodocarpus%Cheng, Zhongjing
8DacrycarpusDacrycarpus%Cheng, Zhongjing
9CrytomeriaCrytomeria%Cheng, Zhongjing
10FagusFagus%Cheng, Zhongjing
11Quercus evergreenQ. evergreen%Cheng, Zhongjing
12AltingiaAltingia%Cheng, Zhongjing
13CarpinusCar%Cheng, Zhongjing
14PterocaryaPte%Cheng, Zhongjing
15UlmusUlmus%Cheng, Zhongjing
16CyperaceaeCyperac%Cheng, Zhongjing
17PoaceaePoac%Cheng, Zhongjing
18AsteraceaeAsterac%Cheng, Zhongjing
19AnthocerosAnthoceros%Cheng, Zhongjing
20CyatheaCyathea%Cheng, Zhongjing
21PolypodiaceaePolypo%Cheng, Zhongjing
22DicranopterisDicranopteris%Cheng, Zhongjing
23Pollen, temperate forestPollen te forest%Cheng, ZhongjingTemperate trees
24Pollen, alpine trees and shrubsAlpine trees+shrubs%Cheng, Zhongjing
25Pollen, tropical/subtropical broadleaved treesTropical/subtropical broadleaved trees%Cheng, Zhongjing
26Coniferae, rainforestConiferae, rainforest%Cheng, ZhongjingRainforest conifers
27GrassesGrasses%Cheng, Zhongjing
7020 data points

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