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Clotten, Caroline; Stein, Ruediger; Fahl, Kirsten; Schreck, Michael; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; De Schepper, Stijn (2018): Organic biomarkers from ODP sites 151-907 and 151-911, used to reconstruct the surface temperatures and sea ice conditions in the Pliocene Nordic Seas. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Clotten, C et al. (2019): On the causes of Arctic sea ice in the warm Early Pliocene. Scientific Reports, 9(1),

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This dataset consists of organic biomarkers used to reconstruct the sea surface temperature and sea ice conditions in the Pliocene Nordic Seas. Specifically, it includes alkenone, IP25 and sterol data from the Pliocene of two Ocean Drilling Program sites, ODP Site 907 in the Iceland Sea and ODP Site 911 on the Yermak Plateau (Arctic Ocean).
Median Latitude: 74.859762 * Median Longitude: -2.235477 * South-bound Latitude: 69.233300 * West-bound Longitude: -12.698300 * North-bound Latitude: 80.477430 * East-bound Longitude: 8.227300
Date/Time Start: 1993-08-05T12:48:00 * Date/Time End: 1995-08-02T11:38:00
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