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Karstensen, Johannes; Oltmanns, Marilena (2018): Physical oceanography from mooring KPO_1133. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Lozier, M S; Li, F; Bacon, Sheldon; Bahr, Frank; Bower, A S; Cunningham, Stuart A; de Jong, M Femke; de Steur, Laura; de Young, B; Fischer, Jürgen; Gary, Stefan F; Greenan, Blair; Holliday, Naomi Penny; Houk, A; Houpert, Loic; Inall, M E; Johns, W E; Johnson, Helen L; Johnson, C; Karstensen, Johannes; Koman, G; Le Bras, I A; Lin, X; Mackay, N; Marshall, David P; Mercier, Herlé; Oltmanns, Marilena; Pickart, Robert S; Ramsey, N; Rayner, D; Straneo, Fiammetta; Thierry, Virginie; Torres, Daniel J; Williams, Richard G; Wilson, C; Yang, J; Yashayaev, Igor M; Zhao, J (2019): A sea change in our view of overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic. Science, 363(6426), 516-521,

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Median Latitude: 53.588830 * Median Longitude: -49.779910 * South-bound Latitude: 53.584160 * West-bound Longitude: -49.784160 * North-bound Latitude: 53.593500 * East-bound Longitude: -49.775660
Date/Time Start: 2016-05-16T11:13:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-05-16T12:59:00
Minimum Elevation: -3594.9 m * Maximum Elevation: -3594.9 m
MSM54_314-1 (KPO1133) * Latitude Start: 53.584160 * Longitude Start: -49.775660 * Latitude End: 53.593500 * Longitude End: -49.784160 * Date/Time Start: 2016-05-16T11:13:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-05-16T12:59:00 * Campaign: MSM54 * Basis: Maria S. Merian * Method/Device: Mooring (MOOR) * Comment: Re-DSOW5
mooring_id = kpo_1133
latitude = 53.5918
longitude = -49.7815
principal_investigator = Johannes Karstensen
instrument = Label:kpo_1133_01 Type: Aanderaa RCM 8 SN:9726
instrument = Label:kpo_1133_02 Type: Seabird MicroCat SN:10707
instrument = Label:kpo_1133_03 Type: Aanderaa RCM 8 SN:10501
instrument = Label:kpo_1133_04 Type: Seabird MicroCat SN:10679
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1File nameFile nameKarstensen, Johannes
2File nameFile nameKarstensen, Johannes
3File formatFile formatKarstensen, Johannes
4File sizeFile sizekByteKarstensen, Johannes
5Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileKarstensen, Johannes
20 data points

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