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Hendry, Katharine R (2018): North Atlantic seawater bottle data collected during RRS Discovery cruise DY081. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Hendry, Katharine R; Huvenne, Veerle A I; Robinson, Laura F; Annett, Amber; Badger, Marcus P S; Jacobel, Allison W; Ng, Hong Chin; Opher, Jacob; Pickering, Rebecca A; Taylor, Michelle L; Bates, Stephanie L; Cooper, Adam; Cushman, Grace G; Goodwin, Claire; Hoy, Shannon Kelsey; Rowland, George Henry; Samperiz, Ana; Williams, James A; Achterberg, Eric Pieter; Arrowsmith, Carol; Brearley, J Alexander; Henley, Sian Frances; Krause, Jeffrey W; Leng, Melanie J; Li, Tao; McManus, Jerry F; Meredith, Michael P; Perkins, Rupert; Woodward, E Malcolm S (2019): The biogeochemical impact of glacial meltwater from Southwest Greenland. Progress in Oceanography, 176, 102126,

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DY081 was the first fieldwork component of a European Research Council funded project, ICY-LAB, led by Dr. K. Hendry from the University of Bristol to study nutrient cycling in the North Atlantic. This data release contains seawater bottle data collected during DY081 by standard CTD rosette, remotely operated vehicle and Tow fish, together with ancillary, processed sensor data at the bottle opening depths. Four sites of interest were surveyed: Orphan Knoll off the coast of Newfoundland, and Nuuk, Nasrsaq, and Cape Farewell off southwest Greenland. Description of the data available is given in the Data Documentation file (see Further details).
Related to:
Hendry, Katharine R (2017): RRS Discovery Cruise DY081, July 6th - August 8th 2017, St John's, Canada - Southampton, UK, ICY-LAB Isotope CYcling in the LABrador Sea, Cruise Report. University of Bristol, 110 pp,
Further details:
Hendry, Katharine R (2018): RRS Discovery Cruise DY081, July 6th - August 8th 2017, Documentation of archived bottle data. University of Bristol, 8 pp,
Median Latitude: 58.620510 * Median Longitude: -49.028097 * South-bound Latitude: 50.058500 * West-bound Longitude: -53.799188 * North-bound Latitude: 63.953578 * East-bound Longitude: -43.778300
Date/Time Start: 2017-07-07T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2017-07-31T16:33:00
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