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Kulla, Birte Solveig; Ritter, Christoph (2018): Water vapour mixing ratio over Ny-Alesund from LiDAR measurements 2015-2018. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Kulla, BS; Ritter, C (2019): Water vapor calibration: Using a Raman lidar and radiosoundings to obtain highly resolved water vapor profiles. Remote Sensing, 11(6), 616,

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Using the Raman channels of the Koldeway Aerosol Raman Lidar (KARL) a water vapour mixing ratio is derived.
Data is availiable for all measurements during the dark season since 2015.
Calibration in the winters 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 was performed using the GRUAN radiosounding product.
For comparison those winters where recalculated with radiosounding measurements processed by the Vaisala Algorithm.
The winter 2017/2018 is calibrated using radiosounding measurement from the RS41processed by the Vaisala Algrithm.
The details of the calibration of this water vapour product are explained in Kulla & Ritter 2019.
German Science Foundation (DFG), grant/award no. 268020496: TRR 172: ArctiC Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms
Median Latitude: 78.924080 * Median Longitude: 11.928920 * South-bound Latitude: 78.922700 * West-bound Longitude: 11.927300 * North-bound Latitude: 78.925000 * East-bound Longitude: 11.930000
Date/Time Start: 2015-11-11T15:40:33 * Date/Time End: 2018-03-13T19:21:41
NYA (Ny-Ålesund) * Latitude: 78.922700 * Longitude: 11.927300 * Date/Time: 1992-08-01T00:00:00 * Elevation: 11.0 m * Location: Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen * Method/Device: Monitoring station (MONS) * Comment: BSRN station no: 11; Surface type: tundra; Topography type: mountain valley, rural; Horizon: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.669522; Station scientist:
Spatial resolution: 60m
Temporal resolution: 10Minutes
Different temporal and spatial resoltions can be prepared if needed.
Calibration performed 2018-11-22.
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