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Tippenhauer, Sandra; Wulff, Thorben; Lehmenhecker, Sascha; Hagemann, Jonas (2018): Autonomous underwater vehicle PAUL observations during POLARSTERN cruise PS99.2. PANGAEA,

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AWI's autonomous underwater vehicle PAUL – Polar Autonomous Underwater Laboratory (AUV Bluefin 21) was deployed during R/V Polarstern cruise PS99.2 in central Fram Strait. The scientific payload included a pressure sensor (Paroscientific Inc.), a pumped CTD (SBE 49 FastCAT), a dissolved oxygen sensor (SBE 43), a nitrate sensor (SBE Deep SUNA), two fluorometers for chlorophyll a and colored dissolved organic matter (Turner Design C7-c and C7-u), an upward looking sensor for photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, Satlantic PAR-log-s), shear and temperature microstructure profiler (MSP) from Rockland Scientific Inc., and an 300 kHz RDI acoustic Doppler current profiler (AADCP, AUV based Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler).
Additionally the vehicle carried a water sample collector to gather a maximum number of 22 samples with a volume of 220 ml each.
The AUV conducted high resolution profiles between the surface and 50 m water depth. Between the profiles the AUV was diving along constant depth for a few hundred meters to allow for ADCP measurements of the water column above.
A small CTD SBE 19plus was deployed manually from a Zodiac driving in parallel to the AUV track.
Median Latitude: 79.073816 * Median Longitude: 4.325741 * South-bound Latitude: 79.043452 * West-bound Longitude: 4.152840 * North-bound Latitude: 79.101380 * East-bound Longitude: 4.506581
Date/Time Start: 2016-07-12T08:10:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-07-12T13:05:00
PS99/075-1 (AUV ID 038) * Latitude Start: 79.044330 * Longitude Start: 4.530830 * Latitude End: 79.096170 * Longitude End: 4.153500 * Date/Time Start: 2016-07-12T07:49:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-07-12T13:00:00 * Elevation: -2381.1 m * Location: North Greenland Sea * Campaign: PS99.2 (ARK-XXX/1.2) * Basis: Polarstern * Method/Device: Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
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