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Barrett, Pamela M; Neumann, Rebecca B; Gawel, James E (2018): Arsenic content of plankton in two lakes in the Puget Sound lowland (2016-2018). PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Barrett, Pamela M; Hull, Erin A; Burkart, Kenneth; Hargrave, Olivia; McLean, Jonathan; Taylor, Vivien F; Jackson, B P; Gawel, James E; Neumann, Rebecca B (2019): Contrasting arsenic cycling in strongly and weakly stratified contaminated lakes: Evidence for temperature control on sediment-water arsenic fluxes. Limnology and Oceanography,

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Median Latitude: 47.357739 * Median Longitude: -122.289566 * South-bound Latitude: 47.285400 * West-bound Longitude: -122.292080 * North-bound Latitude: 47.427540 * East-bound Longitude: -122.287140
Date/Time Start: 2016-07-12T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2019-10-26T00:00:00
Angle_Lake * Latitude: 47.427540 * Longitude: -122.287140 * Location: United States * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Lake_Killarney * Latitude: 47.285400 * Longitude: -122.292080 * Location: United States * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEventBarrett, Pamela M
2LATITUDELatitudeBarrett, Pamela MGeocode
3LONGITUDELongitudeBarrett, Pamela MGeocode
4DATE/TIMEDate/TimeBarrett, Pamela MGeocode
5Sample IDSample IDBarrett, Pamela M
6ArsenicAsmg/kgBarrett, Pamela MICP-MS, Agilent 7900in phytoplankton
224 data points

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