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Demann, Felicitas; Wegner, K Mathias (2018): Hemocyte and survival data of blue mussel Mytilus edulis infected by Mytilicola intestinalis. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Demann, F; Wegner, KM (2018): Infection by invasive parasites increases susceptibility of native hosts to secondary infection via modulation of cellular immunity. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88(3), 427-438,

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Blue mussel Mytilus edulis were infected by Mytilicola intestinalis in a full factorial experimental design combining the following treatments:
Mytilicola infection treatment (M_infect: infected with Mytilicola, M_control: not infected with Mytilicola)
Vibrio infection treatment (V_bath: bathing challenge, V_inject: injection challenge, V_control: no vibrio infection)
Temperature treatment (values 17: ambient, 21: elevated)
Response variables were:
composition of hemolymph cell types (granulocytes, hyalinocytes, blast-like cells)
phagocytosis activity of each cell type
Vibrio load in the hemolymph measured as colony forming units on TCBS agar in 5 µl of hemolmyph after 24h of growth at room temperature.
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