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Zurhelle, Christian; Nieva, Joyce; Tillmann, Urban; Krock, Bernd; Tebben, Jan (2018): NMR spectra of 16-desmethylGYMD (1), GYM E (2), 20-Hydroxy-13,19-didesMethylSPXC (10) and 20-Hydroxy-13,19-didesMethylSPXD (11). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Zurhelle, C et al. (2018): Identification of novel gmnodimines and spirolides from the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii. 16(11), 446,

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The strain of Alexandrium ostenfeldii was isolated from a single cell from Ouwerkerkse Kreek.
Further details:
Overview of folder structure and content (Each folder contains the raw NMR data (Topspin) and annotated Mestre file.)
Latitude: 51.629310 * Longitude: 3.993310
OuwerkerkseKreek * Latitude: 51.629310 * Longitude: 3.993310 * Method/Device: Biology (BIO)
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