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Santoro, Maurizio (2018): GlobBiomass - global datasets of forest biomass [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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The data products consist of four (4) global layers that include estimates of
1) growing stock volume (GSV, unit: m3/ha) for the year 2010 (raster dataset)
Definition: volume of all living trees more than 10 cm in diameter at breast height measured over bark from ground or stump height to a top stem diameter of 0 cm. Excludes: smaller branches, twigs, foliage, flowers, seeds, stump and roots (definition of FAO).
2) per-pixel of growing stock volume uncertainty expressed as standard error in m3/ha (raster dataset)
3) above ground biomass (AGB, unit: tons/ha i.e., Mg/ha) for the year 2010 (raster dataset)
Definition: the mass, expressed as oven-dry weight of the woody parts (stem, bark, branches and twigs) of all living trees excluding stump and roots.
4) per-pixel estimates of above-ground biomass uncertainty expressed as standard error in Mg/ha (raster dataset)
The GSV estimates were obtained from spaceborne SAR (ALOS PALSAR, Envisat ASAR), optical (Landsat-7), LiDAR (ICESAT) and auxiliary datasets with multiple estimation procedures.
AGB was obtained from GSV with a set of Biomass Expansion and Conversion Factors (BCEF) following approaches to extend on ground estimates of wood density and stem-to-total biomass expansion factors to obtain a global raster dataset.
It is referred to the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for details on the EO datasets, the biomass retrieval algorithms and the estimation of the BCEF (see
The GSV and AGB data are available in form of tiles of 40 deg x 40 deg from this repository as well as through Technical specifications can be found in the README file (see Further details)
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Santoro, Maurizio; Cartus, Oliver; Mermoz, Stephane; Bouvet, Alexandre; Le Toan, Thuy; Carvalhais, Nuno; Rozendaal, Danae; Herold, Martin; Avitabile, Valerio; Quegan, Shaun; Carreiras, Joao; Rauste, Yrjö; Balzter, Heiko; Schmullius, Christiane C; Seifert, Frank Martin (2018): A detailed portrait of the forest aboveground biomass pool for the year 2010 obtained from multiple remote sensing observations. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 20, EGU2018-18932,
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