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Duffy, Katharyn; Schwalm, Christopher; Arcus, Vickery; Koch, George; Liang, Liyin; Schipper, Louis (2018): Gridded temperature maximum for global photosynthesis, in NetCDF format. PANGAEA,

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Two important points exist within temperature dependence curves for biosphere metabolism: the inflection point (T_inf), and the thermal maximum (T_max). The inflection point for temperature dependent rates represents temperatures where an increase in rate (k) is maximal relative to temperature (T). The thermal maximum represents the top of the temperature dependence curve where any additional increase in temperature will decrease metabolic rate. Here we define T_max for the land uptake as temperatures beyond which photosynthetic rate decreases (T_max).
T_max was calculated for the terrestrial biosphere using MacroMolecular Rate Theory(MMRT) and FLUXNET data. More information on MMRT can be found in Arcus et al. (2016).
Information on the 2015 FLUXNET synthesis dataset can be found here:
Biosphere; Photosynthesis; Temperature dependence
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Duffy, Katharyn; Arcus, Vickery; Schipper, Louis; Schwalm, Christopher; Koch, George (submitted): Near Term How Close Are We to the Temperature Tipping Point of the Terrestrial Biosphere?
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Arcus, Vickery; Prentice, Erica J; Hobbs, Joanne K; Mulholland, Adrian J; Van der Kamp, Marc W; Pudney, Christopher R; Parker, Emily J; Schipper, Louis (2016): On the temperature dependence of enzyme-catalyzed rates. Biochemistry, 55(12), 1681-1688,
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