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Simon-Lledó, Erik (2018): Megafaunal ecological parameters investigated across the nodule cover gradient of the APEI6 of the CCZ. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Simon-Lledó, Erik; Bett, Brian J; Huvenne, Veerle A I; Schoening, Timm; Benoist, Noelie M A; Jones, Daniel O B (2019): Ecology of a polymetallic nodule occurrence gradient: Implications for deep‐sea mining. Limnology and Oceanography, 64(5), 1883-1894,

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Megafaunal parameters explored across different polymetallic-nodule covered seafloor classes. Megafaunal occurrences used to compute ecological parameters were inferred from seafloor imagery data collected using an autonomous vehicle during RSS James Cook cruise JC120 to the APEI6 area of the CCZ (Jones, 2015), in stations JC120-047, JC120-078, and JC120-087. Depth ranges between different data sites was 3950–4250 m. Environmental variables (i.e. nodule cover) were determined using image-based detection algorithms.
Median Latitude: 17.273825 * Median Longitude: -123.073485 * South-bound Latitude: 17.270170 * West-bound Longitude: -123.074340 * North-bound Latitude: 17.277480 * East-bound Longitude: -123.072630
Date/Time Start: 2015-05-01T18:45:00 * Date/Time End: 2015-05-02T02:43:00
Minimum Elevation: -4397.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -4397.0 m
JC120-047 (M79) * Latitude Start: 17.277480 * Longitude Start: -123.072630 * Latitude End: 17.270170 * Longitude End: -123.074340 * Date/Time Start: 2015-05-01T18:45:00 * Date/Time End: 2015-05-02T02:43:00 * Elevation: -4397.0 m * Location: Clarion-Clipperton Fraction Zone, North East Pacific Ocean * Campaign: JC120 * Basis: James Cook * Method/Device: Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) * Comment: JC120 Site: Flat; Device position: ship GPS; Comment: off bottom position from Edgetech nav file
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelSimon-Lledó, Erikseafloor images stations
2ClassificationClassificationSimon-Lledó, Erikpolymetallic-nodule covered seafloor classes
3NodulesNodules%Simon-Lledó, Erik
4MetazoaMetazoa#/m2Simon-Lledó, Erik
5XenophyophoroideaXenophyophoroidea#/m2Simon-Lledó, Erik
6Morphospecies richnessMorphospec SSimon-Lledó, Erik
7Biomass, wet mass per areaBiom wmg/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikBiomass density, fresh wet weight ~g/m**2
8Inverse Simpson indexInv Simpson ISimon-Lledó, Erik
9Shannon Diversity Index, exponentialexp H'Simon-Lledó, Erik
10Morphospecies densitySASimon-Lledó, Erik
11Community dissimilarity, MDS dimension 1MDS-d1Simon-Lledó, Erik
12Deposit feeder abundanceDepos feeder abund#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikFunctional group densities (metazoa only)
13Predator and scavenger abundancePred scavenger abund#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikFunctional group densities (metazoa only)
14Suspension feeder abundanceSusp feeder abund#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikFunctional group densities (metazoa only)
15Fauna, nodule-attachedFauna nodule attached#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikFunctional group densities (metazoa only)
16Fauna, sediment attached and free-livingFauna sed attached free#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikFunctional group densities (metazoa only)
17AnnelidaAnnelida#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
18ArthropodaArthropoda#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
19BryozoaBryozoa#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
20CnidariaCnidaria#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
21CrustaceaCrustacea#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
22CtenophoraCtenophora#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
23EchinodermataEchinod#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
24MolluscaMollusca#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
25OsteichthyesOsteichthyes#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
26PoriferaPorifera#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
27TunicataTunicata#/m2Simon-Lledó, ErikTaxonomic group densities (metazoa only)
270 data points

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