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Roelfsema, Christiaan M; Loder, Jennifer; Host, Rachel; Kovacs, Eva M (2018): Benthic inventory of reefal areas in Moreton Bay, Australia [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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The study involved the collection of field data and acquisitioning of satellite imagery to create a map that presents a benthic inventory of reefal habitat areas within Moreton Bay. Mapping was guided by the most recent reef map (Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, 2004), the new field data, local knowledge and/or visual interpretation of high spatial resolution satellite imagery.
The inventories for each reefal area were based on georeferenced spot check field data collected by volunteer teams in 2015 and 2016 (n=610). This field data was overlayed on high spatial resolution ZY-3 satellite imagery (5 m x 5 m pixels) captured in June 2014. Polygons were manually digitised around reefal areas by an expert from the Remote Sensing Research Centre using visual interpretation of the texture and colour of the pixels in the satellite imagery, as related to water depth, field data and local field knowledge. Polygons were subsequently assigned one of three categories (Coral on reef matrix, Soft Coral on Sand/Rubble, and, Algae on sand/rubble). The project was a collaborative citizen science project between Reef Check Australia, The University of Queensland Remote Sensing Research Centre and Healthy Waterways to collect benthic inventories for eight key subtropical reefal areas in Central Moreton Bay - Mud, Saint Helena, Green, King, Macleay, Goat, and Peel Islands, and, Myora Reef.
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Roelfsema, Christiaan M; Loder, Jennifer; Host, Rachel; Kovacs, Eva M (2017): Benthic Inventory of Reefal Areas of Inshore Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, Brisbane. Remote Sensing Research Centre, School of Geography, Environmental Management and Planning, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; and Reef Check Australia, Brisbane, Australia, 24 pp, hdl:10013/epic.b70f9147-6b41-4aca-a117-2d949df4ef7a
Latitude: -27.365000 * Longitude: 153.310000
Moreton_Bay * Latitude: -27.365000 * Longitude: 153.310000 * Location: Moreton Bay, Brisbane, South East Queensland, Coral Sea, Australia
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