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This dataset contains a point cloud, a digital terrain model (DTM), relative vegetation heights and the GNSS positions, derived from a terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) around the installed instruments of the related publication and dataset from 12 September 2017.
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Boike, Julia; Nitzbon, Jan; Anders, Katharina; Grigoriev, Mikhail N; Bolshiyanov, Dimitry Yu; Langer, Moritz; Lange, Stephan; Bornemann, Niko; Morgenstern, Anne; Schreiber, Peter; Wille, Christian; Chadburn, Sarah; Gouttevin, Isabelle; Burke, Eleanor J; Kutzbach, Lars (2019): A 16-year record (2002–2017) of permafrost, active-layer, and meteorological conditions at the Samoylov Island Arctic permafrost research site, Lena River delta, northern Siberia: an opportunity to validate remote-sensing data and land surface, snow, and permafrost models. Earth System Science Data, 11(1), 261-299,
Latitude: 72.376480 * Longitude: 126.489230
Minimum Elevation: 8.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 8.0 m
Samoylov_Island * Latitude: 72.376480 * Longitude: 126.489230 * Elevation: 8.0 m * Location: Samoylov Island, Lena Delta, Siberia * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
3.6 GBytes

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