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Jensen, Mari F; Nummelin, Aleksi; Nielsen, Søren B; Sadatzki, Henrik; Sessford, Evangeline; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Andersson, Carin; Voelker, Antje H L; Roberts, William H G; Pedro, Joel B; Born, Andreas (2018): Sea surface temperature anomalies in the North Atlantic, 30-40ka, from the proxy surrogate reconstruction method. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Jensen, MF et al. (2018): A spatiotemporal reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures in the North Atlantic during Dansgaard–Oeschger events 5–8. Climate of the Past, 14(6), 901-922,

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Here we establish a spatio-temporal evolution of the sea-surface temperature anomalies in the North Atlantic over Dansgaard Oeschger (DO) events 5-8 (30-40ka) using the proxy surrogate reconstruction method. We combine fully coupled, general circulation model simulations with planktic foraminifera based sea-surface temperature reconstructions to obtain a broader spatial picture of the ocean state during DO-events 5-8. Here, the model simulations consists of 10 simulations with HadCM3, 8 runs without freshwater forcing and 2 runs with freshwater forcing. These simulations were run by Paul J. Valdes, Joy S. Singarayer and William H.G. Roberts. A description of the simulations can be found in Singarayer and Valdes (2010). All model simulations were run using the University of Bristol's ACRC facilities, ( This is the first time the proxy surrogate reconstruction method has been applied to oceanic variability during MIS3. The sea-surface temperature reconstructions should be used with care.
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Singarayer, Joy S; Valdes, Paul J (2010): High-latitude climate sensitivity to ice-sheet forcing over the last 120 kyr. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29(1-2), 43-55,
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