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Roelfsema, Christiaan M; Andersen, Rikki; Arlow, Peter; Barrenger, Trevor; Bray, Peran; Grol, Monique; Kunze, Jens; O'Hagen, Andrew; Pheasant, Mike; Pollard, Lachlan; Stenhouse, Mark; Stetner, Douglas (2018): 2017 Habitat Maps derived from Flinders Reef Ecological Assessment (FREA) surveys, Queensland, Australia in ArcGIS (shapefile) format. PANGAEA,

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In 2016-2017, UniDive (The University of Queensland Underwater Club) conducted an ecological assessment of the Flinders Reef Dive sites - the FREA project. Involvement in the project was voluntary. Members of UniDive who were marine experts conducted training for other club members who had no, or limited, experience in identifying marine organisms and mapping habitats.
Habitats were mapped using a combination of towed GPS photo transects, WorldView-2 satellite imagery and expert knowledge. This data provides georeferenced information regarding the major features of each of the Flinders Reef Dive Sites.
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Roelfsema, Christiaan M; Bayraktarov, Elisa; Van den Berg, Johnnie; Breeze, Sarah; Grol, Monique; Kenyon, Tanya; de Kleermaeker, Simone; Loder, Jennifer; Mihaljevic, Joseph R; Passenger, Josh; Rowland, Phoebe; Wingerd, Josh (2018): Ecological Assessment of the Flora and Fauna of Flinders Reef, North Moreton Island, Queensland. Unidive FREA Fliders Reef Ecological Assessment, hdl:10013/epic.064ad386-de81-459d-bee9-abc36a7074f7
Roelfsema, Christiaan M; Thurstan, Ruth; Beger, Maria; Dudgeon, Christine; Loder, Jennifer; Kovacs, Eva M; Gallo, Michele; Flower, Jason; Gomez Cabrera, K-Le; Ortiz, Juan; Lea, Alex; Kleine, Diana (2016): A Citizen Science Approach: A Detailed Ecological Assessment of Subtropical Reefs at Point Lookout, Australia. PLoS ONE, 11(10), e0163407,
Latitude: -26.988330 * Longitude: 153.441940
Flinders_Reef * Latitude: -26.988330 * Longitude: 153.441940 * Location: Queensland, Australia * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
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