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Fourré, Elise; Landais, Amaelle; Cauquoin, Alexandre; Jean-Baptiste, Philippe; Lipenkov, Vladimir Ya; Petit, Jean-Robert (2018): Detailed tritium data of 3 pits drilled at Vostok station. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Fourré, E et al. (2018): Tritium Records to Trace Stratospheric Moisture Inputs in Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123(6), 3009-3018,

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Better assessing the dynamic of stratosphere‐troposphere exchange is a key point to improve our understanding of the climate dynamic in the East Antarctica Plateau, a region where stratospheric inputs are expected to be important. Although tritium (³H or T), a nuclide naturally produced mainly in the stratosphere and rapidly entering the water cycle as HTO, seems a first‐rate tracer to study these processes, tritium data are very sparse in this region. We present the first high‐resolution measurements of tritium concentration over the last 50 years in three snow pits drilled at the Vostok station. Natural variability of the tritium records reveals two prominent frequencies, one at about 10 years (to be related to the solar Schwabe cycles) and the other one at a shorter periodicity: despite dating uncertainty at this short scale, a good correlation is observed between ³H and Na⁺ and an anticorrelation between ³H and δ18O measured on an individual pit. The outputs from the LMDZ Atmospheric General Circulation Model including stable water isotopes and tritium show the same ³H‐δ18O anticorrelation and allow further investigation on the associated mechanism. At the interannual scale, the modeled ³H variability matches well with the Southern Annular Mode index. At the seasonal scale, we show that modeled stratospheric tritium inputs in the troposphere are favored in winter cold and dry conditions.
Latitude: -78.464000 * Longitude: 106.837000
Vostok_Station * Latitude: -78.464000 * Longitude: 106.837000 * Elevation: -500.0 m * Location: Vostok, Antarctica * Method/Device: Research station (RS)
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