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Weissenberger, Jürgen (2018): Shipborne visual observations of Arctic sea ice during cruise Oden1209. PANGAEA,, In: Hutchings, Jennifer K (2018): Shipborne visual observations of Arctic sea ice. PANGAEA,

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Hutchings, Jennifer K; Orlich, A R (submitted): A standardized protocol and database for discrete visual observations of Arctic sea ice. Earth System Science Data
Median Latitude: 77.549273 * Median Longitude: -10.613530 * South-bound Latitude: 45.585000 * West-bound Longitude: -13.303100 * North-bound Latitude: 81.786500 * East-bound Longitude: -3.098700
Date/Time Start: 2012-09-12T06:04:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-09-23T19:01:00
Oden1209-track (cruise_16) * Latitude Start: 81.786500 * Longitude Start: -3.987600 * Latitude End: 78.228100 * Longitude End: -6.838900 * Date/Time Start: 2012-09-12T06:04:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-09-23T19:01:00 * Campaign: Oden1209 * Basis: Oden * Method/Device: Underway cruise track measurements (CT)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DATE/TIMEDate/TimeHutchings, Jennifer KGeocode
2InvestigatorInvestigatorHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary observer
3InvestigatorInvestigatorHutchings, Jennifer Kadditional observer
4LATITUDELatitudeHutchings, Jennifer KGeocode
5LONGITUDELongitudeHutchings, Jennifer KGeocode
6Ice concentrationIce conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ktotal ice concentration
7Open water typeOpen watercodeHutchings, Jennifer K
8Ice concentrationIce conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary ice partial concentration
9Ice typeIce typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary ice type
10Sea ice thicknessEsEsmHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary ice thickness
11Floe sizeFloe sizecodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary floe size
12Snow typeSnow typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary snow type
13Snow thicknessSnow thickmHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary snow thickness
14HeightHeightmHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary topography feature height
15ObservationObsHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary topography feature consolidated?
16ObservationObsHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary topography feature snow covered?
17Melt pond concentrationMelt pond conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary melt pond concentration
18Melt pond patternMelt pond patterncodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary melt pond pattern
19Melt pond surface typeMelt pond surface typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary melt pond surface type
20Algae fractionAlgae fraccodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary algae
21Sediment fractionSediment fraccodeHutchings, Jennifer Kprimary sediment
22Ice concentrationIce conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary ice partial concentration
23Ice typeIce typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary ice type
24Sea ice thicknessEsEsmHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary ice thickness
25Floe sizeFloe sizecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary floe size
26Snow typeSnow typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary snow type
27Snow thicknessSnow thickmHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary snow thickness
28HeightHeightmHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary topography feature height
29ObservationObsHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary topography feature consolidated?
30ObservationObsHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary topography feature snow covered?
31Melt pond concentrationMelt pond conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary melt pond concentration
32Melt pond patternMelt pond patterncodeHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary melt pond pattern
33Melt pond surface typeMelt pond surface typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ksecondary melt pond surface type
34Ice concentrationIce conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary ice partial concentration
35Ice typeIce typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary ice type
36Sea ice thicknessEsEsmHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary ice thickness
37Floe sizeFloe sizecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary floe size
38Snow typeSnow typecodeHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary snow type
39Snow thicknessSnow thickmHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary snow thickness
40Sea ice topography concentrationTopography conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary topography concentration
41Melt pond concentrationMelt pond conctenthsHutchings, Jennifer Ktertiary melt pond concentration
42WeatherWeathercodeHutchings, Jennifer K
43VisibilityVisibilitycodeHutchings, Jennifer K
44Cloud cover, high cloudsHigh cloudsoctaHutchings, Jennifer K
45Cloud base height, highestCBH highmHutchings, Jennifer K
46Cloud cover, medium cloudsMedium cloudsoctaHutchings, Jennifer K
47Cloud base height, middleCBH middlemHutchings, Jennifer K
48Cloud cover, low cloudsLow cloudsoctaHutchings, Jennifer K
49Cloud base height, lowestCBH lowmHutchings, Jennifer K
50NumberNoHutchings, Jennifer Kuploaded photo number
1568 data points

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