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Herrle, Jens O (2003): Lower Albian Mazagan Plateau (Oceanic Anoxic station 1b) range chart, DSDP Site 545 [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Herrle, Jens O (2002): Paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic implications on Mid-Cretaceous black shale formation in the Vocontian Basin and the Atlantic: evidence from calcareous nannofossils and stable isotopes. Tübinger Mikropaläontologische Mitteilungen, 27, 144 pp
Latitude: 33.664300 * Longitude: -9.364700
Date/Time Start: 1981-04-23T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1981-04-23T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 389.6000 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 393.6000 m
79-545 * Latitude: 33.664300 * Longitude: -9.364700 * Date/Time: 1981-04-23T00:00:00 * Elevation: -3142.0 m * Penetration: 701 m * Recovery: 352.1 m * Location: North Atlantic/PLATEAU * Campaign: Leg79 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 75 cores; 701 m cored; 0 m drilled; 50.2 % recovery
Volume: 1000 ml, high: 5 cm, field of view: 0.000227 cm**2
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelHerrle, Jens ODSDP/ODP/IODP sample designation
3CommentCommentHerrle, Jens OVisual descriptionkeybeds description
4Lithology/composition/faciesLithologyHerrle, Jens OVisual description
5PreservationPreservHerrle, Jens OPreservation estimates (E=etching /O=overgrowth)
6Amphizygus brooksiiA. brooksii%Herrle, Jens O
7Amphizygus cf. brooksiiA. cf. brooksii%Herrle, Jens O
8Arkhangelskiella stenostaurionA. stenostaurion%Herrle, Jens O
9Assipetra infracretaceaA. infracretacea%Herrle, Jens O
10Axopodorhabdus cf. albianusA. cf. albianus%Herrle, Jens O
11Axopodorhabdus dietzmanniiA. dietzmannii%Herrle, Jens O
12Axopodorhabdus sp.Axopodorhabdus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
13Biscutum constansB. constans%Herrle, Jens O
14Biscutum aff. ellipticumB. aff. ellipticum%Herrle, Jens O
15Biscutum sp.Biscutum sp.%Herrle, Jens O
16Biscutum sp.Biscutum sp.%Herrle, Jens Ospecies 1
17Braarudosphaera sp.Braarudosphaera sp.%Herrle, Jens O
18Broinsonia signataB. signata%Herrle, Jens O
19Broinsonia matalosaB. matalosa%Herrle, Jens O
20Broinsonia sp.Broinsonia sp.%Herrle, Jens O
21Bukrylithus ambiguusB. ambiguus%Herrle, Jens O
22Calculitus sp.Calculitus sp.%Herrle, Jens Ospecies 2
23Chiastozygus litterariusC. litterarius%Herrle, Jens O
24Conusphaera sp.Conusphaera sp.%Herrle, Jens O
25Corollithion achylosumC. achylosum%Herrle, Jens O
26Corollithion signumC. signum%Herrle, Jens O
27Cretarhabdus conicusC. conicus%Herrle, Jens O
28Cretarhabdus striatusC. striatus%Herrle, Jens O
29Cretarhabdus sp.Cretarhabdus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
30Cribrosphaerella ehrenbergiiC. ehrenbergii%Herrle, Jens O
31Crucibiscutum salebrosumC. salebrosum%Herrle, Jens O
32Crucicribum striatum constansiiC. striatum constansii%Herrle, Jens O
33Cyclagelosphaera margereliiC. margerelii%Herrle, Jens O
34Cyclagelosphaera sp.Cyclagelosphaera sp.%Herrle, Jens Ospecies 1
35Cylindralithus nudusC. nudus%Herrle, Jens O
36Discorhabdus rotatoriusD. rotatorius%Herrle, Jens O
37Eiffellithus sp.Eiffellithus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
38Eprolithus apertiorE. apertior%Herrle, Jens O
39Eprolithus floralisE. floralis%Herrle, Jens O
40Eprolithus sp.Eprolithus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
41Flabellites oblongusF. oblongus%Herrle, Jens O
42Grantarhabdus coronadventisG. coronadventis%Herrle, Jens O
43Hayesites albiensisH. albiensis%Herrle, Jens O
44Hayesites irregularisH. irregularis%Herrle, Jens O
45Haqius circumradiatusH. circumradiatus%Herrle, Jens O
46Helicolithus trabeculatusH. trabeculatus%Herrle, Jens O
47Hemipodorhabdus gorkaeH. gorkae%Herrle, Jens O
48Holococcolith sp.Holococcolith sp.%Herrle, Jens O
49Isocrstalithus cf. compactusI. cf. compactus%Herrle, Jens O
50Lapideacassis sp.Lapideacassis sp.%Herrle, Jens O
51Lithastrinus sp.Lithastrinus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
52Lithraphidites carniolensisL. carniolensis%Herrle, Jens O
53Loxolithus armillaL. armilla%Herrle, Jens O
54Loxolithus cf. armillaL. cf. armilla%Herrle, Jens O
55Lucianorhabdus salomoniiL. salomonii%Herrle, Jens O
56Lucianorhabdus sp.Lucianorhabdus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
57Manivitella pemmatoideaM. pemmatoidea%Herrle, Jens O
58Markalius sp.Markalius sp.%Herrle, Jens Oquestionable
59Microstaurus chiastiusM. chiastius%Herrle, Jens O
60Microstaurus sp.Microstaurus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
61Microrhabdulus sp.Microrhabdulus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
62Nannoconus circularisN. circularis%Herrle, Jens O
63Nannoconus sp.Nannoconus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
64Orastrum perspicuumO. perspicuum%Herrle, Jens O
65Owenia sp.Owenia sp.%Herrle, Jens O
66Palaeomicula malticaP. maltica%Herrle, Jens O
67Parhabdolithus cf. liasicusP. cf. liasicus%Herrle, Jens O
68Percivalia fenestrataP. fenestrata%Herrle, Jens O
69Percivalia sp.Percivalia sp.%Herrle, Jens O
70Pickelhaube furtivaP. furtiva%Herrle, Jens O
71Placozygus cf. fibuliformisP. cf. fibuliformis%Herrle, Jens O
72Polycostella prossiiP. prossii%Herrle, Jens O
73Polypodorhabdus madingleyensisP. madingleyensis%Herrle, Jens O
74Prediscosphaera columnatap. columnata%Herrle, Jens O
75Prediscosphaera sp.Prediscosphaera sp.%Herrle, Jens O
76Prediscosphaera spinosaP. spinosa%Herrle, Jens O
77Repagulum parvidentatumR. parvidentatum%Herrle, Jens O
78Retecapsa crenulataR. crenulata%Herrle, Jens O
79Retecapsa surirellaR. surirella%Herrle, Jens O
80Retecapsa tronickeiR. tronickei%Herrle, Jens O
81Rhagodiscus cf. achylostaurionR. cf. achylostaurion%Herrle, Jens O
82Rhagodiscus angustusR. angustus%Herrle, Jens O
83Rhagodiscus asperR. asper%Herrle, Jens O
84Rhagodiscus gallagheriR. gallagheri%Herrle, Jens O
85Rhagodiscus infinitusR. infinitus%Herrle, Jens O
86Rhagodiscus sp.Rhagodiscus sp.%Herrle, Jens O
87Rhagodiscus splendensR. splendens%Herrle, Jens O
88Rhombolithion rhombicumR. rhombicum%Herrle, Jens O
89Rotelapillus crenulatusR. crenulatus%Herrle, Jens O
90Rotelapillus laffitteiR. laffittei%Herrle, Jens O
91Rucinolithus terebrodentariusR. terebrodentarius%Herrle, Jens O
92Scapholithus fossilisS. fossilis%Herrle, Jens O
93Seribiscutum gaultensisS. gaultensis%Herrle, Jens O
94Seribiscutum cf. gaultensisS. cf. gaultensis%Herrle, Jens O
95Seribiscutum sp.Seribiscutum sp.%Herrle, Jens O
96Sollasites horticusS. horticus%Herrle, Jens O
97Sollasits sp.Sollasits sp.%Herrle, Jens O
98Staurolithites mutterloseiS. mutterlosei%Herrle, Jens O
99Staurolithites ellipticusS. ellipticus%Herrle, Jens O
100Staurolithites glaberS. glaber%Herrle, Jens O
101Staurolithites mitcheneriS. mitcheneri%Herrle, Jens O
102Staurolithites stradneriS. stradneri%Herrle, Jens O
103Staurolithites stradneriS. stradneri%Herrle, Jens O
104Stradnerlithus geometricusS. geometricus%Herrle, Jens O
105Tegumentum octiformisT. octiformis%Herrle, Jens O
106Tegumentum stradneriT. stradneri%Herrle, Jens O
107Tetrapodorhabdus coptensisT. coptensis%Herrle, Jens O
108Tetrapodorhabdus decorusT. decorus%Herrle, Jens O
109Tranolithus gabalusT. gabalus%Herrle, Jens O
110Tranolithus minimusT. minimus%Herrle, Jens O
111Tubodiscus sp.Tubodiscus sp.%Herrle, Jens Ospecies 1
112Uniplanarius praegothicusU. praegothicus%Herrle, Jens O
113Uniplanarius sp.Uniplanarius sp.%Herrle, Jens Ospecies 1
114Watznaueria barnesaeW. barnesae%Herrle, Jens O
115Watznaueria biportaW. biporta%Herrle, Jens O
116Watznaueria britannicaW. britannica%Herrle, Jens O
117Watznaueria manivitaeW. manivitae%Herrle, Jens O
118Watznaueria ovataW. ovata%Herrle, Jens O
119Watznaueria quadriradiataW. quadriradiata%Herrle, Jens O
120Zeugrhabdotus bicrescenticusZ. bicrescenticus%Herrle, Jens O
121Zeugrhabdotus diplogrammusZ. diplogrammus%Herrle, Jens O
122Zeugrhabdotus elegansZ. elegans%Herrle, Jens O
123Zeugrhabdotus embergeriZ. embergeri%Herrle, Jens O
124Zeugrhabdotus erectusZ. erectus%Herrle, Jens O
125Zeugrhabdotus scutulaZ. scutula%Herrle, Jens O
126Zeugrhabdotus trivectisZ. trivectis%Herrle, Jens O
127Zeugrhabdotus xenotusZ. xenotus%Herrle, Jens O
128Nannofossils indeterminataNannos indet%Herrle, Jens O
129Diversity, simpleDiversity simpHerrle, Jens O
130Abundance per unit massAbund w#/gHerrle, Jens O
131Specimen countSp count#Herrle, Jens Ocounted specimens
132Specimen countSp count#Herrle, Jens Oindividuals per view
133FieldsFields#Herrle, Jens Ofield of view
134Dry massDry mgHerrle, Jens O
9130 data points

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