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Stap, Lennert Bastiaan; van de Wal, Roderik S W; de Boer, Bas; Köhler, Peter; Hoencamp, Jori H; Lohmann, Gerrit; Tuenter, Erik; Lourens, Lucas Joost (2018): Simulation of northern hemispheric, southern hemispheric and global temperature over the past 5 million years. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Stap, LB et al. (2018): Modeled influence of land ice and CO2 on polar amplification and paleoclimate sensitivity during the past 5 million years. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology,

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Model output of the intermediate complexity climate model CLIMBER-2 over the past 5 million years. The simulations were forced with insolation data (O), insolation and land ice data (OI), insolation and carbon dioxide data (OC) and with insolation, land ice and carbon dioxide data (OIC). Sheet 1 contains the main results: northern hemispheric (30-90 deg N), southern hemispheric (30-90 deg S) and global temperatures. Sheet 2 contains the land ice and carbon dioxide forcing in terms of globally averaged radiative forcing. Details are given in the publication. More information or data can be obtained by contacting L.B. Stap (
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