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Parsons, Michael H; Kannan, Prameek M (2018): Observations of waterbirds under duress from military actions and agriculture. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Parsons, MH; Kannan, PM (2018): War zone refugia? Establishing a baseline for protected waterbirds in a wildlife refuge flanked by agriculture and militarization. BMC Research Notes, 11(1), 212,

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The welfare of threatened fauna should not be assumed merely because their refuges have been designated with protected status. This is particularly true in geographical areas where social/military events drive an under-reported, but potentially lethal, type of human-wildlife interaction. Waterbirds of Gharana Wetland Conservation Reserve consist mostly of threatened species. However, as occurs globally, 'protected' fauna near contested borders are sometimes affected by military forces. As part of a larger project to document regional avifauna, we report the seasonal status of waterbirds in order to help establish a baseline for comparing conservation of wildlife within contested areas to that of fauna in more secure refuges. We examined 24 avifauna surveys for relationships between seasons, temperature, individuals and species.
Latitude: 32.540000 * Longitude: 74.690000
Minimum Elevation: 281.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 281.0 m
Gharana_Wetland_Reserve * Latitude: 32.540000 * Longitude: 74.690000 * Elevation: 281.0 m * Location: India
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Family, common nameFamily commonParsons, Michael H
2FamilyFamilyParsons, Michael H
3IdentificationIDParsons, Michael Hfamily no.
4Species, common nameSpecies commonParsons, Michael H
5IdentificationIDParsons, Michael Hspecies no.
6SpeciesSpeciesParsons, Michael H
7SeasonSeasonParsons, Michael H
8NumberNoParsons, Michael Hof month in season
9Number of observationsNOBS#Parsons, Michael H
6588 data points

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