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Radosavljevic, Boris (2018): Workboat Passage Bathymetry Isobaths. Alfred Wegener Institute - Research Unit Potsdam, PANGAEA,

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This dataset contains isobaths of Workboat Passage near Herschel Island, Yukon, Canada. The map is intended for display purposes only. It represents a compilation of three very different datasets. The majority of information stems from from a georeferenced scanned image of the insert pertaining to Workboat Passage included in Canadian Hydrographic Service map #7661 Demarcation Bay to Phillips Bay (1986). Soundings and isobaths were digitized. Single point sonar soundings obtained with the onboard GPS and sonar system (Garmin) in 2013 were added to the dataset. Lastly, a coastline was digitized based on a Geoeye satellite image at 1:1000 scale to provide the 0 m contour. The data (i.e. points and contours) were gridded at 40 m using the "topo to raster" tool in ArcMap. This dataset resulted from contouring the raster surface with 1m contours. No corrections for sea level elevation were carried out.
Median Latitude: 69.535990 * Median Longitude: -139.212405 * South-bound Latitude: 69.497490 * West-bound Longitude: -139.332150 * North-bound Latitude: 69.574490 * East-bound Longitude: -139.092660
WorkboatPassage * Latitude Start: 69.574490 * Longitude Start: -139.332150 * Latitude End: 69.497490 * Longitude End: -139.092660 * Location: Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, Canada
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