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Rajczak, Jan; Brönnimann, Stefan; Fischer, Erich M; Raible, Christoph C; Rohrer, Marco; Schär, Christoph (2018): Daily precipitation and temperature time series from multiple climate model simulations for the Aare river catchment (Switzerland). Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, PANGAEA,

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The dataset contains bias-corrected climate model simulated temperature and precipitation series at daily resolution for the Aare river catchment (Switzerland).
The time series provide more than 55.000 simulation years and stem from multiple climate model simulation configurations. The differences in configuration facliitate multiple potential analyses. For instance, contrasting observed with past and natural variability over the last centuries, projecting plausible climatic changes in the course of the 21st century or assessing uncertainties in meteorological phenomena. The raw climate model simulations cover simulation periods between 10 and 1000 years and horizontal resolutions between 2 and ~200 km.
Latitude: 46.840000 * Longitude: 7.560000
Aare_catchm * Latitude: 46.840000 * Longitude: 7.560000 * Location: Switzerland
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