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Goyanes, Gabriel; Vieira, Gonçalo (2018): Geomorphological units of Hurd Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctica. CEG/IGOT, Universidade de Lisboa, PANGAEA,

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Latitude: -62.670000 * Longitude: -60.370000
Hurd_Peninsula * Latitude: -62.670000 * Longitude: -60.370000 * Location: Livingston Island * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
The dataset contains the geomorphological units map of Hurd Peninsula in Livingston Island as GIS files. Mapping was produced using high resolution field mapping supported by the analysis of a QuickBird scene and focus on present-day geomorphological processes and on the characteristics of the surface materials. The map was produced with the objective to contribute to analysis of surface deformation products derived from remote sensing imagery and permafrost modelling within the project ESA Data User Element - GlobPermafrost (DUE-GlobPermafrost).
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