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Chen, Chuanwu; Holyoak, Marcel; Si, Xingfeng; Wang, Yanping; Ding, Ping (2018): (Table S1.3) Bird functional traits of winter residents, winter visitors, summer residents and summer visitors of 36 study islands in the Thousand Island Lake, China. PANGAEA,, In: Chen, C et al. (2018): Species traits, habitat characteristics and spatial dynamics of birds on land-bridge islands, Thousand Island Lake, China. PANGAEA,

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Chen, Chuanwu; Holyoak, Marcel; Wang, Yanping; Si, Xingfeng; Ding, Ping (2019): Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal bird assemblages on land-bridge islands: linking dynamic and static views of metacommunities. Avian Research, 10(1),
Latitude: 29.550000 * Longitude: 118.900000
Thousand-Is-Lake * Latitude: 29.550000 * Longitude: 118.900000 * Location: China * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Two habitat-associated traits (vertical and habitat specificity), one dispersal-associated trait (movement capacity) and body mass (linked to both habitat and dispersal) were chosen as predictors to test for correlations with species occupancy frequency. Body mass (g) was measured as the mean body mass of multiple adult individuals. Movement capacity was an index of each species' mobility, and calculated as mean wing length (mm) / cube-root of body mass. Vertical specificity was quantified as ground (score 1), understory (2), midstory (3), and canopy (4) for each bird species. Habitat specificity was the number of habitats used by a given species, ranging from 1 to 7.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1SpeciesSpeciesChen, Chuanwu
2CharacteristicCharacteristicChen, Chuanwu
3Aves, body massAves body mgChen, Chuanwu
4NumberNoChen, Chuanwumovement capacity
5HabitatHabitatChen, Chuanwu
6Habitat specificityHSChen, Chuanwu
912 data points

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