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Chen, Chuanwu; Holyoak, Marcel; Si, Xingfeng; Wang, Yanping; Ding, Ping (2018): (Table S1.1) Characteristics of 36 study islands in the Thousand Island Lake, China. PANGAEA,, In: Chen, C et al. (2018): Species traits, habitat characteristics and spatial dynamics of birds on land-bridge islands, Thousand Island Lake, China. PANGAEA,

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Chen, Chuanwu; Holyoak, Marcel; Wang, Yanping; Si, Xingfeng; Ding, Ping (2019): Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal bird assemblages on land-bridge islands: linking dynamic and static views of metacommunities. Avian Research, 10(1),
Median Latitude: 29.535413 * Median Longitude: 118.905488 * South-bound Latitude: 29.483304 * West-bound Longitude: 118.812385 * North-bound Latitude: 29.618970 * East-bound Longitude: 118.968460
Qiandao_01 * Latitude: 29.528213 * Longitude: 118.879087 * Location: China * Method/Device: Biology (BIO)
Qiandao_02 * Latitude: 29.501667 * Longitude: 118.812385 * Location: China * Method/Device: Biology (BIO)
Qiandao_03 * Latitude: 29.513824 * Longitude: 118.921252 * Location: China * Method/Device: Biology (BIO)
Buffer isolation: We considered the influence of neighboring islands by estimating the buffer-based isolation (BI), which was measured as the area of 2-km region around a focal island (connectivity), and afterward calculated their complements (1 - connectivity) to make isolations largely independent of island sizes.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventChen, Chuanwu
2Latitude of eventLatitudeChen, Chuanwu
3Longitude of eventLongitudeChen, Chuanwu
4IdentificationIDChen, Chuanwuisland no.
5Area in hectareAreahaChen, Chuanwu
6DistanceDistancemChen, Chuanwuto mainland
7NumberNoChen, Chuanwubuffer isolation
8Habitat richnessHabitat richChen, Chuanwu
9Sample amountN#Chen, Chuanwutransects
10Length of transectLengthmChen, Chuanwu
252 data points

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