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Pärn, Jaan (2018): Data for the paper Nitrogen-rich organic soils under warm, well-drained conditions are global nitrous oxide emission hotspots. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Pärn, Jaan; Verhoeven, Jos T A; Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus; Dise, Nancy B; Ullah, Sami; Aasa, Anto; Egorov, Sergey; Espenberg, Mikk; Järveoja, Järvi; Jauhiainen, Jyrki; Kasak, Kuno; Klemedtsson, Leif; Kull, Ain; Laggoun-Défarge, F; Lapshina, Elena D; Lohila, Annalea; Lõhmus, Krista; Maddison, Martin; Mitsch, William J; Müller, Christoph; Niinemets, Ülo; Osborne, Bruce; Pae, Taavi; Salm, Jüri-Ott; Sgouridis, Fotis; Sohar, Kristina; Soosaar, Kaido; Storey, Kathryn; Teemusk, Alar; Tenywa, Moses M; Tournebize, Julien; Truu, Jaak; Veber, Gert; Villa, Jorge A; Sann Zaw, Seint; Mander, Ülo (2018): Nitrogen-rich organic soils under warm well-drained conditions are global nitrous oxide emission hotspots. Nature Communications, 9(1),

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Locations, dates, measurements of soil chemistry and physics, and N2O fluxes used in the analyses for the paper 'Nitrogen-rich organic soils under warm, well-drained conditions are global nitrous oxide emission hotspots' submitted to Nature Communications . A'air_t_max', air temperature at the nearest weather station in the warmest month of the year (KNMI Climate Explorer Nitrogen-rich organic soils under warm, well-drained conditions are global nitrous oxide emission hotspots. N2O is a powerful greenhouse gas and the main driver of stratospheric ozone depletion. Since soils are the largest source of N2O, predicting soil response to changes in climate or land use is central to understanding and managing N2O. In a global field survey of N2O emissions and potential driving factors across a wide range of organic soils, we find that N2O flux can be predicted by models incorporating soil nitrate concentration (NO3-), water content and temperature. N2O emissions increases asymptotically with NO3-and follows a bell-shaped distribution with water content. Combining the two functions explains 72% of N2O emission from all organic soils. Above 5 mg NO3--N kg-1, either draining wet soils or irrigating well-drained soils increases N2O emission by orders of magnitude. As soil temperature together with NO3- explains 69% of N2O emission, tropical wetlands should be a priority for N2O management.
Median Latitude: 21.194068 * Median Longitude: 24.208892 * South-bound Latitude: -54.740440 * West-bound Longitude: -121.620300 * North-bound Latitude: 64.833200 * East-bound Longitude: 175.550000
KNMI_Bashkortostan-1 * Latitude: 55.480400 * Longitude: 55.994300 * Method/Device: Climate monitoring station (CMS)
KNMI_Bashkortostan-2 * Latitude: 55.547600 * Longitude: 55.598000 * Method/Device: Climate monitoring station (CMS)
KNMI_Bashkortostan-3 * Latitude: 55.449100 * Longitude: 55.486500 * Method/Device: Climate monitoring station (CMS)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventPärn, Jaan
2Latitude of eventLatitudePärn, Jaan
3Longitude of eventLongitudePärn, Jaan
4LocationLocationPärn, Jaandefined in ISO 3166-2 standard
5IdentificationIDPärn, Jaan
6Sampling dateSampling datePärn, Jaan
7Sample IDSample IDPärn, JaanSite number
8SiteSitePärn, Jaan
9Climate areaClimate areaPärn, JaanKöppen climate classification
10HabitatHabitatPärn, Jaan
11Vegetation typeVegetation typePärn, Jaan
12Land useLand usePärn, Jaan
13DescriptionDescriptionPärn, JaanAgricultural intensity
14Sample IDSample IDPärn, Jaan
15pHpHPärn, Jaan
16MassMasstPärn, JaanDry Matter
17Von Post Humification ScaleVon Post gradePärn, Jaan
18Density, bulkDens bulkt/m3Pärn, Jaan
19Soil water content, gravimetricgrav SWCm3/tPärn, Jaan
20Water content, volumetricVWCcm3/cm3Pärn, Jaan
21NitrateNO3mg/kgPärn, Jaan
22Nitrogen in ammoniumN-[NH4]+mg/kgPärn, Jaan
23PhosphorusPmg/kgPärn, Jaan
24PotassiumKmg/kgPärn, Jaan
25CalciumCamg/kgPärn, Jaan
26MagnesiumMgmg/kgPärn, Jaan
27Organic matterOMgPärn, Jaan
28Nitrogen, totalTN%Pärn, Jaan
29CarbonC%Pärn, Jaan
30Water table levelWater table levelcmPärn, Jaan
31Temperature, soilT soil°CPärn, Jaan10 cm
32Temperature, soilT soil°CPärn, Jaan20 cm
33Temperature, soilT soil°CPärn, Jaan30 cm
34Temperature, soilT soil°CPärn, Jaan40 cm
35Temperature, airTTT°CPärn, Jaan
36Temperature, technicalT tech°CPärn, Jaan10 cm normalized
37Temperature, technicalT tech°CPärn, Jaan20 cm normalized
38Temperature, technicalT tech°CPärn, Jaan30 cm normalized
39Temperature, technicalT tech°CPärn, Jaan40 cm normalized
40Nitrogen, organic, particulate fluxPON fluxmg/m2/hPärn, Jaan
41Log infoLogPärn, JaanLogN2O
58558 data points

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