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Reavie, Euan D; Brown, Terry N; Cai, Meijun (2018): Historical watershed stressors for the Laurentian Great Lakes, links to resources and data. PANGAEA,

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These data are a detailed set of historical stressor data for 60 watersheds comprising the Laurentian Great Lakes basin. Archival records were transcribed to create quantitative data on human activities: population, mining, deforestation and agriculture. Yearly records of stressors are provided from 1780 through 2010.
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Sgro, G V; Reavie, Euan D (2018): Lake Erie's ecological history reconstructed from the sedimentary record. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 44(1), 54-69,
Shaw Chraibi, Victoria L; Kireta, Amy R; Reavie, Euan D; Cai, Meijun; Brown, Terry N (2014): A paleolimnological assessment of human impacts on Lake Superior. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 40(4), 886-897,
Latitude: 45.800000 * Longitude: -84.900000
Great_Lakes * Latitude: 45.800000 * Longitude: -84.900000 * Location: Great Lakes, North America * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
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