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Vahlenkamp, Maximilian; Niezgodzki, Igor; De Vleeschouwer, David; Bickert, Torsten; Harper, Dustin T; Kirtland Turner, Sandra; Lohmann, Gerrit; Sexton, Philip F; Zachos, James C; Pälike, Heiko (2018): COSMOS model middle Eocene sensitivity tests with different obliquity values and Greenland-Scotland Ridge depths. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Vahlenkamp, M et al. (2018): Astronomically paced changes in deep-water circulation in the western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 484, 329-340,

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Here we publish simulated middle Eocene (43.5-46 Ma) boreal winter sea surface temperature, sea surface salinity as well as mixed layer depth for obliquity minimum and maximum simulation with Greenland-Scotland Ridge (GSR) depth of 500 m. Furthermore, we include annual mean global meridional overturning circulation and current velocities for both orbital configurations and GSR = 500 m and additionally for minimum obliquity and GSR = 200 m. The CO2 level is set to 840 ppm in all simulations. The paleogeography is compiled by GETECH and has been used by Lunt et al. [2016, doi: 10.5194/cp-12-1181-2016]. We have slightly modified the original paleogegraphy in the North Atlantic region [Vahlenkamp et al., 2018, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.12.016]. All data are averaged over the period of 100 years. For further details on model setup please see Vahlenkamp et al. [2018, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.12.016]. The climate data has been produced with COSMOS (ECHAM5/MPIOM/OASIS3). The atmosphere component ECHAM5 was run in the resolution of T31/L19, while the ocean model MPIOM in the resolution of GR30 (bipolar orthogonal curvilinear grid with a formal resolution of ~3.0°x1.8°). OASIS3 is responsible for coupling between the atmosphere and ocean components.
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