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Garcin, Yannick; Deschamps, Pierre; Ménot, Guillemette; de Saulieu, Geoffroy; Schefuß, Enno; Sebag, David; Dupont, Lydie M; Oslisly, Richard; Brademann, Brian; Mbusnum, Kevin G; Onana, Jean-Michel; Ako, Andrew A; Epp, Laura Saskia; Tjallingii, Rik; Strecker, Manfred R; Brauer, Achim; Sachse, Dirk (2018): Pollen analysis of sediment core B14, Lake Barombi. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Garcin, Y et al. (2018): Early anthropogenic impact on Western Central African rainforests 2,600 y ago. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(13), 3261-3266,

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Latitude: 4.660000 * Longitude: 9.405000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.005 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 9.915 m
B14 * Latitude: 4.660000 * Longitude: 9.405000 * Elevation: -105.0 m * Location: Lake Barombi * Device: Core (CORE)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmDupont, Lydie MGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPDupont, Lydie MGeocode
3Pollen, total concentrationPollen conc#/cm3Dupont, Lydie Minclude undetermined
4ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mpollen [le]
5ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mpollen [ue]
6SporesSpores#/cm3Dupont, Lydie M
7ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mspores [le]
8ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mspores [ue]
9CharcoalCharcoal#/mlDupont, Lydie M
10ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mcharcoal [le]
11ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mcharcoal [ue]
12Pollen, total concentrationPollen conc#/cm3Dupont, Lydie Mminus Poaceae pollen conc. [include undetermined]
13ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mminus Poaceae pollen [le]
14ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mminus Poaceae pollen [ue]
15PoaceaePoac%Dupont, Lydie M
16ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MPoaceae [le]
17ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MPoaceae [ue]
18MallotusMallotus%Dupont, Lydie M
19ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MMallotus [le]
20ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MMallotus [ue]
21CeltisCeltis%Dupont, Lydie M
22ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MCeltis [le]
23ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MCeltis [ue]
24BerliniaBerlinia%Dupont, Lydie M
25ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MBerlinia [le]
26ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MBerlinia [ue]
27Sapotaceae/MeliaceaeSapo/Meli%Dupont, Lydie M
28ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MSapo/Meliaceae [le]
29ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MSapo/Meliaceae [ue]
30PodocarpusPodocarpus%Dupont, Lydie M
31ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MPodocarpus [le]
32ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MPodocarpus [ue]
33Elaeis guineensisElaeguin%Dupont, Lydie M
34ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MElaeis [le]
35ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MElaeis [ue]
36AlchorneaAlchornea%Dupont, Lydie M
37ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MAlchornea [le]
38ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie MAlchornea [ue]
39Fern spores, pollenFern spores pol%Dupont, Lydie M
40ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mferns [le]
41ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mferns [ue]
42CharcoalCharcoal%Dupont, Lydie M
43ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mcharcoal [le]
44ErrorErrorDupont, Lydie Mferns [ue]
45Pollen and sporesPollen+spores%Dupont, Lydie Msum
46Number of taxaTaxa#Dupont, Lydie Mat 200 counts
47Standard deviationStd dev±Dupont, Lydie M
48Number of taxaTaxa#Dupont, Lydie Mat 133
49Standard deviationStd dev±Dupont, Lydie M
50Number of taxaTaxa#Dupont, Lydie Mtotal
432 data points

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