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Lechleitner, Franziska A; Breitenbach, Sebastian F M; Cheng, Hai; Plessen, Birgit; Rehfeld, Kira; Goswami, Bedartha; Marwan, Norbert; Eroglu, Denize; Adkins, Jess F; Haug, Gerald H (2017): U-Th dating information of stalagmite MAW-6. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Lechleitner, FA et al. (2017): Climatic and in-cave influences on d18O and d13C in a stalagmite from northeastern India through the last deglaciation. Quaternary Research, 88(03), 458-471,

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Latitude: 25.260000 * Longitude: 91.880000
Minimum DISTANCE: 0.16 cm * Maximum DISTANCE: 20.68 cm
MAW-6 * Latitude: 25.260000 * Longitude: 91.880000 * Elevation: 1320.0 m * Location: Meghalaya Plateau, Northeast India * Method/Device: Speleothem sample (SPS)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelLechleitner, Franziska A
2DISTANCEDistancecmLechleitner, Franziska AGeocode – depth from top
3Uranium 238238Umg/kgLechleitner, Franziska A
4Uranium 238, standard deviation238U std dev±Lechleitner, Franziska A
5Thorium 232232Thµg/kgLechleitner, Franziska A
6Thorium 232, standard deviation232Th std dev±Lechleitner, Franziska A
7Thorium 230/Thorium 232 atomic ratio230Th/232Th atomLechleitner, Franziska A
8Thorium 230/Thorium 232 atomic ratio, standard deviation230Th/232Th atom std dev±Lechleitner, Franziska A
9δ234 Uraniumδ234ULechleitner, Franziska Ainitial
10δ234 Uranium, standard deviationδ234U std dev±Lechleitner, Franziska Ainitial
11Thorium 230/Uranium 238 activity ratio(230Th/238U)Lechleitner, Franziska A
12Thorium 230/Uranium 238 activity ratio, error, relative(230Th/238U) e rel%Lechleitner, Franziska A
13Age, datedAge datedkaLechleitner, Franziska AAge, 230Thorium
14Age, dated standard errorAge std e±Lechleitner, Franziska AAge, 230Thorium
15Age, datedAge datedkaLechleitner, Franziska AAge, 230Thoriumcorrected
16Age, dated standard errorAge std e±Lechleitner, Franziska AAge, 230Thoriumcorrected
17δ234 Uraniumδ234ULechleitner, Franziska Acorrected
18δ234 Uranium, standard deviationδ234U std dev±Lechleitner, Franziska Acorrected
408 data points

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