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Petersen, Wilhelm; Reinke, Susanne; Breitbach, Gisbert; Thomas, Henrike; Petschatnikov, Michail; Wehde, Henning (2017): Ferrybox record of transect Cuxhaven-Harwich 2002-03 to 2005-10 in NetCDF-format. Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, PANGAEA,

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From 2002 to 2005 a FerryBox system was installed aboard two different ferries traveling between Cuxhaven (GE) and Harwich (UK) on a daily basis. The FerryBox system is an automated flow-through monitoring system for measuring oceanographic and biogeochemical parameters installed on ships of opportunity. The variables were recorded in a time interval of 10-20 seconds corresponding to a spatial resolution of about 100m. The dataset provides the parameters water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll-a fluorescence. There is a longer data gap between November 2002 and August 2003 in the time series due to a change of the vessel in October 2002.
Original version:
Median Latitude: 52.903140 * Median Longitude: 4.991975 * South-bound Latitude: 51.944580 * West-bound Longitude: 1.289850 * North-bound Latitude: 53.861700 * East-bound Longitude: 8.694100
Date/Time Start: 2002-03-01T15:40:56 * Date/Time End: 2005-10-25T10:01:05
HZG-Ferrybox_Cux-Harw-Cux (Transect Cuxhaven-Harwich-Cuxhaven) * Latitude Start: 53.861700 * Longitude Start: 8.694100 * Latitude End: 51.944580 * Longitude End: 1.289850 * Date/Time Start: 2002-03-01T15:40:56 * Date/Time End: 2005-10-25T10:01:05 * Location: North Sea English Channel * Campaign: FB1 * Basis: Duchess of Scandinavia (2003-2005) * Method/Device: FerryBox (FBOX)
This dataset contains the ferrybox records of the ferry Cuxhaven-Harwich between 2002-03-01 and 2005-10-25. Salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll of 679 sections are provided in NetCDF-format. From a total of 741 sections, 62 sections are missing due to fail operation of the salinometer.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Date/time startDate/time startPetersen, Wilhelm
2Date/time endDate/time endPetersen, Wilhelm
3TransectTransectPetersen, Wilhelm
4DirectionDirectionPetersen, Wilhelm
5LongitudeLongitude+Petersen, Wilhelm
6LatitudeLatitude+Petersen, Wilhelm
7Longitude 2Longitude 2Petersen, Wilhelm
8Latitude 2Latitude 2Petersen, Wilhelm
9File nameFile namePetersen, Wilhelm
10Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL filePetersen, Wilhelmdata in netCDF-format
6790 data points

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