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Lorscheid, Thomas; Felis, Thomas; Stocchi, Paolo; Obert, J Christina; Scholz, Denis; Rovere, Alessio (2017): (Table S1) Details on modern and paleo notch measurements. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Lorscheid, T et al. (2017): Tides in the Last Interglacial: insights from notch geometry and palaeo tidal models in Bonaire, Netherland Antilles. Scientific Reports, 7(1),

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Median Latitude: 12.208348 * Median Longitude: -68.320098 * South-bound Latitude: 12.202341 * West-bound Longitude: -68.335901 * North-bound Latitude: 12.215117 * East-bound Longitude: -68.310734
Minimum Elevation: 6.6 m * Maximum Elevation: 7.3 m
Bonaire_S1 * Latitude: 12.202341 * Longitude: -68.310734 * Elevation: 6.7 m * Location: Bonaire
Bonaire_S2 * Latitude: 12.204183 * Longitude: -68.312796 * Elevation: 6.6 m * Location: Bonaire
Bonaire_S3 * Latitude: 12.206777 * Longitude: -68.316292 * Elevation: 7.0 m * Location: Bonaire
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventLorscheid, Thomas
2SiteSiteLorscheid, Thomas
3Latitude of eventLatitudeLorscheid, Thomas
4Longitude of eventLongitudeLorscheid, Thomas
5Elevation of eventElevationmLorscheid, Thomas
6Standard deviationStd dev±Lorscheid, ThomasElevation (base notch)
7Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasWr, Paleo notch geometry
8Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasWf, Paleo notch geometry
9Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDf, Paleo notch geometry
10Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDr, Paleo notch geometry
11Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasWr, Modern notch geometry
12Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasWf, Modern notch geometry
13Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDf, Modern notch geometry
14Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDr, Modern notch geometry
15Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasPaleo width (Wf+Wr)
16Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasModen width (Wr+Wf)
17Notch widthNotch wcmLorscheid, ThomasDifference Modern - Paleo width
18Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDifference Modern - Paleo depth (Dr)
19Notch depthNotch dcmLorscheid, ThomasDifference Modern - Paleo depth (Df)
270 data points

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