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Ramesh, Kirti; Hu, Marian Y; Thomsen, Jörn; Bleich, Markus; Melzner, Frank (2017): Carbonate chemistry at the site of mineralization in mussel larvae. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Ramesh, K et al. (2017): Mussel larvae modify calcifying fluid carbonate chemistry to promote calcification. Nature Communications, 8(1),

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This data set comprises laboratory measurements of calcium, pH and carbonate concentrations in seawater and beneath the shell (calcification site) to constrain calcium carbonate saturation state dynamics during calcification in larval mussels, under control and acidified conditions. In addition, data on calcium accumulation (flame photometry) during larval calcification was collected. Finally, shell length growth and shell dissolution data under acidified conditions were also collected. This data was collected by Ramesh et al. (accepted) Nature Communications. Data is organized as it appears in figures in the published manuscript. Fig.3 and 4 data are presented in a single table.
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