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Makarieva, Olga; Nesterova, Nataliia; Lebedeva, Liudmila; Sushansky, Sergey (2017): Snow survey line characteristics within Kolyma Water-Balance Station (KWBS), 1959-1997. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Makarieva, O et al. (2018): Water balance and hydrology research in a mountainous permafrost watershed in upland streams of the Kolyma River, Russia: a database from the Kolyma Water-Balance Station, 1948-1997. Earth System Science Data, 10(2), 689-710,

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Latitude: 61.850000 * Longitude: 147.500000
KWBS (Kolyma Water Balance Station) * Latitude: 61.850000 * Longitude: 147.500000 * Location: Russia * Method/Device: Monitoring station (MONS)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Time coverageCoverageMakarieva, OlgaPeriod when the snow survey was conducted during several days
2RiverRiverMakarieva, Olgawatershed
3TransectTransectMakarieva, Olgaamount of snow routes
4Length of transectLengthmMakarieva, Olgamin, length of the route
5Length of transectLengthmMakarieva, Olgamax, length of the route
6Number of pointsPoints#Makarieva, Olgamin, snow thickness measurement points
7Number of pointsPoints#Makarieva, Olgamax, snow thickness measurement points
8ProportionProp%Makarieva, Olgameasurement points in forest
9ProportionProp%Makarieva, Olgameasurement points at rocky talus covered by dwarf cedar brush
10ProportionProp%Makarieva, Olgameasurement points at rocky talus
11ProportionProp%Makarieva, Olgameasurement points at boulders
12CommentCommentMakarieva, Olga
202 data points

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