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Stap, Lennert Bastiaan; van de Wal, Roderik S W; de Boer, Bas; Bintanja, Richard; Lourens, Lucas Joost (2017): Simulation of benthic δ¹⁸O, CO2, ice-volume-equivalent sea level and temperature over the past 38 million years. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Stap, LB et al. (2017): The influence of ice sheets on temperature during the past 38 million years inferred from a one-dimensional ice sheet-climate model. Climate of the Past, 13(9), 1243-1257,

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Model output of a coupled ice sheet-climate model, inversely forced by benthic d18O over the past 38 million years. Sheet 1 contains the main results from the reference simulation: benthic d18O, CO2, ice-volume-equivalent sea level and global temperature. Sheet 2 contains global, Northern Hemisphere (40-80 deg N), and Antarctic (60-90 deg S) temperatures, from the reference run and the run with ice uncoupled, only albedo coupled, and only surface height coupled. Sheet 3 contains global temperature, from the reference run, and the runs with fixed PD ice, fixed LGM ice, and no ice. Details are given in the publication. More information or data can be obtained by contacting L.B. Stap (
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