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Cornils, Astrid (2017): Abundance of planktonic Calanoida (Copepoda, Crustacea) in the Southern Ocean during a site survey with the research vessel POLARSIRKEL (Deutsche Antarktische Expedition; DAE1979/80). PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Cornils, Astrid; Sieger, Rainer; Mizdalski, Elke; Schumacher, Stefanie; Grobe, Hannes; Schnack-Schiel, Sigrid B (2018): Copepod species abundance from the Southern Ocean and other regions (1980 - 2005) - a legacy. Earth System Science Data, 10, 1457-1471,

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Hempel, Irmtraut; Hubold, Gerd; Kaczmaruk, Bozenna; Keller, Randall A; Weigmann-Haass, Renate (1983): Distribution of some groups of zooplankton in the inner Weddell Sea in summer 1979/80, First results of the 1979/80 Polarsirkel Expedition presented during the Seminar of polar ecology, Uni. Kiel, May 1982. Berichte zur Polarforschung = Reports on Polar Research, 9, 35 pp,
Kaczmaruk, Bozenna (1983): Occurrence and distribution of the Antarctic copepods along the ice shelves in the Weddell Sea in summer 1979/80. Meeresforsch, 30, 25-41,
Kohnen, Heinz; et al. (1980): Deutsche Antarktis Expedition Pre-Site-Survey 1979-80. Deutsche Offshore Gesellschaft, Hamburg (preliminary report), 119 pp, hdl:10013/epic.40189.d001
Schneppenheim, Reinhard (1981): Results of the Biological Investigations in the Weddell Sea during a Site Survey 1979/80. Polarforschung, 51(1), 91-99,
Median Latitude: -76.637393 * Median Longitude: -45.453852 * South-bound Latitude: -77.583330 * West-bound Longitude: -61.316670 * North-bound Latitude: -69.150000 * East-bound Longitude: -3.116670
Date/Time Start: 1980-01-01T04:20:00 * Date/Time End: 1980-02-19T17:53:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: 10.0 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 525.0 m
DAE79/80_102_265 * Latitude: -70.600000 * Longitude: -8.150000 * Date/Time: 1980-02-17T00:23:00 * Elevation: -110.0 m * Location: Weddell Sea * Campaign: DAE_1979/80 (Deutsche-Antarktis-Expedition pre-site-survey 1979/80) * Basis: Polarsirkel * Method/Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
DAE79/80_103_266 * Latitude: -69.616670 * Longitude: -3.883330 * Date/Time: 1980-02-19T12:52:00 * Elevation: -2900.0 m * Location: Weddell Sea * Campaign: DAE_1979/80 (Deutsche-Antarktis-Expedition pre-site-survey 1979/80) * Basis: Polarsirkel * Method/Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
DAE79/80_103_269 * Latitude: -69.616670 * Longitude: -3.883330 * Date/Time: 1980-02-19T13:10:00 * Elevation: -2900.0 m * Location: Weddell Sea * Campaign: DAE_1979/80 (Deutsche-Antarktis-Expedition pre-site-survey 1979/80) * Basis: Polarsirkel * Method/Device: Nansen closing net (NN)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventCornils, Astrid
2Date/Time of eventDate/TimeCornils, Astrid
3Latitude of eventLatitudeCornils, Astrid
4Longitude of eventLongitudeCornils, Astrid
5Elevation of eventElevationmCornils, Astrid
6DEPTH, waterDepth watermCornils, AstridGeocode
7Depth, top/minDepth topmCornils, Astrid
8Depth, bottom/maxDepth botmCornils, Astrid
9VolumeVolm3Cornils, Astrid
10CommentCommentCornils, Astrid
11Aetideopsis antarctica, femaleA. antarctica f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
12Aetideopsis antarctica, maleA. antarctica m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
13Aetideopsis antarctica, copepoditesA. antarctica c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
14Aetideopsis minor, femaleA. minor f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
15Aetideidae, copepoditesAetideidae c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
16Calanoides acutus, femaleC. acutus f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
17Calanoides acutus, maleC. acutus m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
18Calanoides acutus, c5C. acutus c5#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
19Calanus propinquus, femaleC. propinquus f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
20Calanus propinquus, maleC. propinquus m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
21Calanus propinquus, c5C. propinquus c5#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
22Calanus simillimus, maleC. simillimus m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
23Calanus simillimus, c5C. simillimus c5#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
24Calanidae, copepoditesCalanidae c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodanot identified
25Clausocalanus sp., femaleClausocalanus sp. f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
26Clausocalanus sp., copepoditesClausocalanus sp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
27Ctenocalanus citer, femaleC. citer f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
28Ctenocalanus citer, maleC. citer m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
29Ctenocalanus citer, copepoditesC. citer c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
30Eucalanus hyalinus, copepoditesE. hyalinus c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodaEucalanus elongatus
31Euchirella spp., copepoditesEuchirella spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
32Farrania frigida, femaleF. frigida f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
33Gaetanus spp., femaleGaetanus spp. f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
34Gaetanus spp., maleGaetanus spp. m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
35Haloptilus sp., copepoditesHaloptilus sp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
36Heterorhabdus austrinus, femaleH. austrinus f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
37Heterorhabdus austrinus, copepoditesH. austrinus c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
38Heterorhabdus sp., copepoditesHeterorhabdus sp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
39Lucicutia spp., copepoditesLucicutia spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
40Metridia curticauda, femaleM. curticauda f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
41Metridia curticauda, maleM. curticauda m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
42Metridia gerlachei, femaleM. gerlachei f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
43Metridia gerlachei, maleM. gerlachei m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
44Metridia spp., copepoditesMetridia spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
45Microcalanus spp., femaleMicrocalanus spp. f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodaMicrocalanus pygmaeus
46Microcalanus spp., maleMicrocalanus spp. m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodaMicrocalanus pygmaeus
47Microcalanus spp., copepoditesMicrocalanus spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodaMicrocalanus pygmaeus
48Mimocalanus sp., copepoditesMimocalanus sp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
49Onchocalanus sp., femaleOnchocalanus sp. f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
50Onchocalanus sp., maleOnchocalanus sp. m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
51Paraeuchaeta antarctica, femaleP. antarctica f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
52Paraeuchaeta spp., copepoditesParaeuchaeta spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
53Paralabidocera antarctica, femaleP. antarctica f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
54Paralabidocera antarctica, maleP. antarctica m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
55Paralabidocera antarctica, copepoditesP. antarctica c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
56Pleuromamma antarctica, femaleP. antarctica f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepodaPleuromamma robusta
57Rhincalanus gigas, femaleR. gigas f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
58Rhincalanus gigas, maleR. gigas m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
59Rhincalanus gigas, copepoditesR. gigas c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
60Scaphocalanus spp., copepoditesScaphocalanus spp. c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
61Stephos longipes, femaleS. longipes f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
62Stephos longipes, maleS. longipes m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
63Stephos longipes, copepoditesS. longipes c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
64Calanoida indeterminata, femaleCalanoida indet f#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
65Calanoida indeterminata, maleCalanoida indet m#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
66Calanoida indeterminata, copepoditesCalanoida indet c#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
67OithonidaeOithonidae#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
68OncaeidaeOncaeidae#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
69HarpacticoidaHarpacticoida#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
70Copepoda, naupliiCopepoda naup#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
71Pseudocyclopina belgicaeP. belgicae#/m3Cornils, AstridCounting, copepoda
10400 data points

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