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Schoening, Timm (2017): Results of nodule detection along AUV track SO239_79-1_AUV7 (Abyss_173) during SONNE cruise SO239. PANGAEA,, In: Schoening, T (2017): Results of nodule detection along AUV tracks during SONNE cruises SO239 and SO242/1. PANGAEA,

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Images were acquired by the DeepSurvey Camera on board GEOMAR's AUV Abyss. Nodules were delineated by the CoMoNoD algorithm [see related to references]. Result files are computed per AUV dive. Nodule detections below 5cm^2 are neglected as are detections above 707cm^2. Abundance statistics are computed per m^2 and gridded per m^2 as well. For overlapping images, max-pooling has been applied to select the values reported in the result files. Pixel values in the rendered maps correspond to the units reported in the ASCI files (median-nodule-size: cm^2, nodule-number: m^-2, percent-coverage: %, sorting, skewness and pixel-contributions are unit-free).
Related to:
Greinert, Jens; Schoening, Timm; Köser, Kevin; Rothenbeck, Marcel (2017): Seafloor images and raw context data along AUV track SO239_79-1_AUV7 (Abyss_173) during SONNE cruise SO239. PANGAEA,
Schoening, Timm (2017): Source code for the Compact Morphology-based Nodule Delineation (CoMoNoD) algorithm. PANGAEA,
Schoening, Timm; Jones, Daniel O B; Greinert, Jens (2017): Compact-Morphology-based poly-metallic Nodule Delineation. Scientific Reports, 7(1),
Median Latitude: 11.068627 * Median Longitude: -119.659829 * South-bound Latitude: 11.065011 * West-bound Longitude: -119.664030 * North-bound Latitude: 11.071812 * East-bound Longitude: -119.656972
Date/Time Start: 2015-04-01T04:52:00 * Date/Time End: 2015-04-01T22:58:00
Minimum Elevation: -4414.5 m * Maximum Elevation: -4362.5 m
SO239_79-1 (SO239_79-1_AUV7) * Latitude Start: 11.074670 * Longitude Start: -119.677670 * Latitude End: 11.061330 * Longitude End: -119.631500 * Date/Time Start: 2015-04-01T04:52:00 * Date/Time End: 2015-04-01T22:58:00 * Elevation Start: -4414.5 m * Elevation End: -4362.5 m * Location: Interoceanmetal area (IOM) * Campaign: SO239 * Basis: Sonne_2 * Device: Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) * Comment: Recovery: SO239_83-1
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1LATITUDELatitudeSchoening, TimmGeocode
2LONGITUDELongitudeSchoening, TimmGeocode
3ELEVATIONElevationm a.s.l.Schoening, TimmGeocode
4DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmSchoening, TimmGeocode
5AreaAream2Schoening, Timm
6Number of photosPhoto#Schoening, Timmcontributing photos
7NodulesNodules%Schoening, Timmseafloor coverage by nodules
8NodulesNodules#Schoening, Timm
9Nodules sizeNodules sizecm2Schoening, Timmmedian nodule size
10Standard deviationStd dev±Schoening, Timmsize of nodules
11SortingSortSchoening, Timm
12SkewnessSkewSchoening, Timm
1452608 data points

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