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Noerling, Caroline; Dvornikov, Yury; Morgenstern, Anne; Bartsch, Annett; Khomutov, Artem V; Heim, Birgit (2017): Permafrost disturbance in Central Yamal along the Bovanenkovo railway line and thermokarst lakes, link to files in different formats. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Noerling, Caroline (2017): Short-term changes of permafrost degradation triggered by anthropogenic impacts and climatic events in Western Siberia 2010-2013. Master Thesis, University of Potsdam, 74 pp, hdl:10013/epic.51479.d001

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The data set presents results from geospatial analyses of a region in Central Yamal, Western Siberia, which was affected by the construction of the Bovanenkovo railway line and by high Retrogressive Thaw Slumps (RTS) occurrence in consequence of the extremely warm and wet year 2012. A change detection was performed using high resolution optical satellite images from 2010 (GeoEye-1) and 2013 (QuickBird). The preprocessing of the satellite data (orthorectification and atmospheric correction) was performed by and is described in Dvornikov et al., 2016. The degree of disturbance change from 2010 and 2013 around the railway line was classified into three major disturbance levels - low, medium and high, based on the width of disturbance and magnitude of change over the course of three years. A kernel density raster file illustrates RTS distribution. The highest disturbance along the railway can be observed, where the RTS activity is the highest in 2013.
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Dvornikov, Yury; Leibman, Marina; Heim, Birgit; Bartsch, Annett; Haas, Antonie; Khomutov, Artem V; Gubarkov, Anatoly; Mikhaylova, Maria; Mullanurov, Damir; Widhalm, Barbara; Skorospekhova, Tatiana; Federova, Irina (2016): Geodatabase and WebGIS project for long-term permafrost monitoring at the Vaskiny Dachi research station, Yamal, Russia. Polarforschung, 85(2), 107-115,
Latitude: 70.270000 * Longitude: 68.980000
Vaskiny_Dachi_Area * Latitude: 70.270000 * Longitude: 68.980000 * Location: Vaskiny Dachi, Yamal Peninsula, West Siberia, Russian Federation * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Shapefiles were digitized on orthorectified and atmospheric corrected satellite images from two different sensors (GeoEye-1 2013, Quickbird 2010), performed and described in Dvornikov et al. (2016).
Dataset geoinformation:
- Projection: UTM Z42 N, WGS84 elliposid
- Pixel size of density disturbance geotiff: 65 m x 65 m
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1File contentContentMorgenstern, Anne
2File nameFile nameMorgenstern, Anneof zip archive
3File formatFile formatMorgenstern, Anne
4File sizeFile sizekByteMorgenstern, Anne
5Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileMorgenstern, Anne
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