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Minisini, Daniel (2017): (Fig. 1-21) Chronostratigraphy of the organic-rich Eagle Ford Group. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Minisini, Daniel; Eldrett, James S; Bergman, Steven; Forkner, Rob (2018): Chronostratigraphic framework and depositional environments in the organic‐rich, mudstone‐dominated Eagle Ford Group, Texas, USA. Sedimentology, 65(5), 1520-1557,

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Median Latitude: 29.725839 * Median Longitude: -101.218382 * South-bound Latitude: 29.242737 * West-bound Longitude: -103.011870 * North-bound Latitude: 30.252000 * East-bound Longitude: -97.762140
Shell_AU1 * Latitude: 30.252000 * Longitude: -97.762140 * Location: San Marcos Arch, Texas * Method/Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP) * Comment: Bouldin Creek, S 7th st.
Shell_BB2 * Latitude: 29.256140 * Longitude: -103.011870 * Location: Big Bend, Texas * Method/Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP) * Comment: location Ernst Tinaja
Shell_DR-5 * Latitude: 29.816835 * Longitude: -101.596273 * Location: Del Rio, Texas * Method/Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP) * Comment: 57 miles from HW 90-277 cutoff, chaotic beds and couplets
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
File contentContentMinisini, Daniel
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110 data points


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Captions for supplementary informationCaptions_for_Suppl_Info.pdfPDF298Captions_for_Suppl_Info.pdf
Fig. S1 Correlation of all profilesFig_S1_correlation_panel.pdfPDF4513Fig_S1_correlation_panel.pdf
Fig. S2 RosettaFig_S2_rosetta.pdfPDF100Fig_S2_rosetta.pdf
Fig. S3 Querries DR15 to DR26Fig_S3_DR15-DR26.pdfPDF598Fig_S3_DR15-DR26.pdf
Fig. S4 Querry DR5Fig_S4_DR5.pdfPDF1242Fig_S4_DR5.pdf
Fig. S5 Querries DR6 to DR16Fig_S5_DR6-DR16.pdfPDF530Fig_S5_DR6-DR16.pdf
Fig. S6 Querry DR7Fig_S6_DR7.pdfPDF942Fig_S6_DR7.pdf
Fig. S7 Querries DR8 to DR10Fig_S7_DR8-9-10B.pdfPDF324Fig_S7_DR8-9-10B.pdf
Fig. S8 Querries DR11 to DR13Fig_S8_DR11-DR13.pdfPDF607Fig_S8_DR11-DR13.pdf
Fig. S9 Querries DR12 to DR14Fig_S9_DR12-DR14.pdfPDF458Fig_S9_DR12-DR14.pdf
Fig. S10 Querry DR17Fig_S10_DR17.pdfPDF967Fig_S10_DR17.pdf
Fig. S11 Querries DR18 to DR20Fig_S11_DR18-DR20.pdfPDF416Fig_S11_DR18-DR20.pdf
Fig. S12 Querry DR21Fig_S12_DR21.pdfPDF613Fig_S12_DR21.pdf
Fig. S13 Querry BB2Fig_S13_BB2.pdfPDF486Fig_S13_BB2.pdf
Fig. S14 Querry AU1-2Fig_S14_AU1-2_SA1-2-3.pdfPDF436Fig_S14_AU1-2_SA1-2-3.pdf
Fig. S15 Facies FotosFig_S15_cogenetic_facies.tifTIF566Fig_S15_cogenetic_facies.tif
Fig. S16 Facies HFig_S16_facies_H.TIFTIF399Fig_S16_facies_H.TIF
Fig. S17 Facies JFig_S17_facies_J_Jnod.TIFTIF326Fig_S17_facies_J_Jnod.TIF
Fig. S18 Facies CwFig_S18_facies_Cw.TIFPDF172Fig_S18_facies_Cw.TIF
Fig. S19 PlotsFig_S19_plots.pdfPDF520Fig_S19_plots.pdf
Fig. S20 Core picturesFig_S20_core_pictures.pdfPDF151034Fig_S20_core_pictures.pdf
Fig. S21 BB2 isotopesFig_S21_BB2_isotopes.pdfPDF507Fig_S21_BB2_isotopes.pdf